02 August 2011

Satori at 11:30 Saturday Morning (poem)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle supernova
Explodes outward into space
Slamming my body back in the chair
Hurtling my consciousness to the edge
Of the universe, where the quasars lie
Which some say are portals
The gateways to heaven

And just at the moment I reach out
The force of gravity pulls me away
As the dying star's energy is spent
And it implodes, collapsing in on itself
Becoming a sucking black hole
A quantum singularity
Drawing in and devouring all that is
Matter and energy in all their forms
The entire spacetime fabric
Of transdimensional existence
In all the Omniverse

I am alone and adrift in the midst
Seeing the infinity of space
And the eternity of time
In relation to me
Then suddenly I see myself
From its point of view
A miniscule insignificance
To that vast expanse
More relatively infintessimal
Than a quark to planet Earth
As the vision clears from my sight
And my consciousness returns to its body
I laugh at myself
Because now I am free

This Universe is
213 duovigintillion (69 zeroes) km3
and 13.8 billion years old

Our planet Terra is
34,782,733,730,000 (34.8 x 1012 or 34.8 quadrillion) km3
A mere 1.63 x 10-58 (16.3 octodecillionths) the size of this Universe

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