31 May 2016

Irish Republican Army Order-of-Battle, 11 July 1921

The following order-of-battle (OOB) for the Irish Republican Army (IRA) at the end of the War for Independence (1919-1921), taken from the Military Archives site of the Irish Defence Forces found at http://www.militaryarchives.ie/collections/online-collections/military-service-pensions-collection/search-the-collection/organisation-and-membership/ira-membership-series.  The records were collected beginning in 1934 with the Military Service Pensions Act, mostly into the early 1940s but with a very few as late as 1959.

These records give orders-of-battle as well as personnel rosters of the units of the IRA on two “critical dates”, first at or near the end of the War for Independence, and second at the height of the Civil War.  This OOB is for the first critical date, 11 July 1921, the day of the truce.

When the Irish National Volunteers first organized in 1913, sponsored by the Irish Parliamentary Party under John Redmond, it was largely in response to Ed Carson's formation of the Ulster Volunteer Force in the north.  Their number tripled when members of the Ancient Order of Hibernians joined them en masse.  They first organized by companies based on geographic district, later evolving battalions and, in a few places, brigades.

The Volunteers split in 1914 over the support of Redmond, for London’s war on the Continent, the overwhelming majority, over 100,000, following Redmond as “National Volunteers” while those who remained committed to independence became the “Irish Volunteers”.  Included among the National Volunteers was almost the entire contingent of Hibernians, a fact which puts the Irish Volunteers reluctance to include the Hibernian Rifles who wanted to cooperate with them in perspective.

For the Easter Rising, the Command Staff merged the Irish Volunteers with the Irish Citizen Army, the Cumann na mBan, the Na Fianna Eireann, and the Hibernian Rifles (a paramilitary wing of the Ancient Order of Hibernians) into one force named the “Army of the Irish Republic”, but the merger lasted only as long as the Rising.

After the Easter Rising in 1916, most organizations dissolved, but then reorganized the next year, largely in part to the return of detainees.  As before, companies were organized first.  In late 1917, groups of companies around the country began to form battalions.  The next year, many areas began to form brigades, which were the largest units fighting the War of Independence for most of its duration; many battalions, though, remained independent of higher authority other than the central command.   Divisions did not come into being until March 1921, some not being organized until June or even after the Truce on 11 July.  In the meantime, the Irish Volunteer Force officially became the Irish Republican Army sometime in early 1919. 

* * * * *

This OOB is a snapshot of an organic organization that was constantly growing, shrinking, and changing throughout its history, a snapshot of the IRA as it stood on 11 July 1921, the day that the Truce which ended the fighting in the War of Independence took effect.

The designations of the units are those given in the Irish Defense Forces records. 

Divisions, which played no part in the actual war, are identified with by their ordinal number. 

Brigades are set apart by Roman numerals with a period, but here this does not imply that they were those used, it’s just for convenience and organization. 

Battalions follow Arabic cardinal numbers with a period, and these do match up with their official ordinal numeric designations. 

Companies follow capital letters with a period, if their proper letter designation is known; if not, the name of the company is preceded by a cardinal, then I have used a cardinal number with a right parenthesis. 

Companies were often divided into sections with numeric designations, but geographically detached areas were sometimes attached to a larger unit and identified by name; where this occurs and there is a name, it is preceded by a lower-case letter, which also goes for outposts.

For brigades GHQs (general headquarters) and battalion staffs, this OOB takes for granted they existed at the appropriate levels.

Originally, all of the units in which Volunteers served as full-time guerrillas or otherwise operated on a full-time basis were called Active Service Units (ASU).  With the outbreak of the independence war in 1919, the units in the countryside came to be called Flying Columns.

All units at all levels are identified by their geographic area-of-operations as they were during the time in which they fought for Irish independence.


1st Northern Division

I.  West Donegal Brigade
            1.  Dungloe Battalion
                        A.  Dungloe Company
                        B.  Burtonport Company
                        C.  Meenacross Company
                        D.  Dooghary-Cumeen Company
                        E.  Lettermacaward-Derryhennhy Company
                        F.  Mullaghduff Company
                        G.  Annagry-Loughanure Company
                        H.  Kincasslagh Company
                        I.  Eighter-Innisfree Company
                        J.  Rannafast Company Company
            2.  Gweedore Battalion
                        A.  Dore Company
                        B.  Derrybeg Company
                        C.  Brinalack Company
                        D.  Gortahork Company
                        E.  Meenlaragh Company
                        F.  Meeracladdy Company
            3.  Creeslough Battalion
                        A.  Creeslough Company
                        B.  Carrigart-Downings Company
                        C.  Glen Company Company
                        D.  Termo-Kilmacreman Company
                        E.  Lough Keel Company
                        F.  Murroe-Dunfanaghy Company
            West Donegal Flying Column

II.  North-East Donegal Brigade
            1.  Buncrana Battalion
                        1)  Buncrana Company
                        2)  Desertagney Company
                        3)  Fahan Company
                        4)  Dumfries Company
                        5)  Illies Company
                        6)  Iskaheen Company
            2.  Inishowen Battalion
                        A.  Carndonagh Company
                        B.  Malin Town Company
                        C.  Culdaff Company
                        D.  Clonmany Company
                        E.  Urris Company
                        F.  Moville Company
                        1)  Redcastle Company
            3.  Fanad Battalion
                        A.  Fanad North Company
                        B.  Fanad West Company
                        C.  Rossnakill Company
                        D.  Milford Company
                        E.  Rathmullan Company
                        F.  Portsalon Company
                        G.  Kerrykeel Company
            4.  Letterkenny Battalion
                        A.  Letterkenny Company
                        B.  Breenagh-Glensville Company
                        C.  Churchill Company
                        D.  Drumkeen Company
                        E.  Ramelton Company
            5.  Fifth Battalion
                        A.  Drumoghill-Manorcunningham Company
                        B.  Knockbrack-Bonagee Company
                        C.  Clonlee Company
                        D.  Convoy Company
                        E.  St. Johnstone-Trentagh Company
            Inishowen Flying Column

III.  South-West Donegal Brigade
            1.  First Battalion
                        A.  Frosses Company
                        B.  Drimarone Company
                        C.  Mountcharles Company
                        D.  Killaghter Company
                        E.  Inver Company
            2.  Carrick Battalion
                        A.  Killybegs Company
                        B.  Kilcar Company
                        C.  Carrick Company
                        D.  Glencolumcille Company
                        E.  Meeninarry Company
            3.  Adara Battalion
                        A.  Ardara Company
                        B.  Rosbeg Company
                        C.  Kilclooney Company
                        D.  Doobin Company
                        E.  Edinfinfreagh Company
            4.  Glenties Battalion
                        A.  Maas Company
                        B.  Derryloughan Company
                        C.  Glenties Company
                        D.  Fintown Company
                        E.  Letterbrick Company

IV.  South Donegal Brigade
            1.  Castlederg Battalion
                        1)  Castlederg Company
                        2)  Cloghan Company
                        3)  Meenakerrin Company
                        4)  Clady Company
                        5)  Killygordan Company
                        6)  Sion Mills Company
                        7)  Gleneely Company
                        8)  Ballymongan Company
                        9)  Lismulladuff Company
                        10)  Castlefinn Company
                        11)  Ballybofey-Stranolar Company
                        12)  Laughtmorris Company
            2.  Ballyshannon Battalion
                        1)  Ballyshannon Company
                        2)  Belleek Company
                        3)  Mulleck Company
                        4)  Ballintra Company
                        5)  Donegal Company
                        6)  Laghey Bar Company
                        7)  Meenadreen Company
                        8)  Townaivilly Company
            3.  Edenery Battalion
                        1)  Pettigo Company
                        2)  Edenery Company
                        3)  Lettercran Company
                        4)  Tamur Company

Derry City Independent Battalion
            A Company, Derry City
            B Company, Derry City
            C Company, Derry City
            D Company, Derry City
            Women’s Section, Derry City
            1)  Mullaghboy Company
            2)  Creggan Company
            3)  Foreglen Company
            4)  Limavady Company
            5)  Altmover Company
            6)  Carn Company
            7)  Ballykelly Company
            8)  Gortnaghey Company
            9)  Galvin Company
            10)  Ardmore Company
            11)  Magilligan Outpost
            12)  Dunboe Outpost

2nd Northern Division

I.  East Tyrone Brigade
            1.  Coalisland Battalion
                        A.  Coalisland Company
                        B.  Edendork Company
                        C.  Killyman Company
                        D.  Derrytresk Company
                        E.  Derrylaughan Company
                        F.  Aughamullen Company
                        G.  Stewartstown Company
                        H.  Ardboe Company
                        K.  Killycolpy Company
            2.  Dungannon Battalion
                        A.  Dungannon Company
                        B.  Galbally Company
                        C.  Donaghmore Company
                        D.  Aughnagar Company
                        E.  Munderadoe Company
                        F.  Benburn Company
            Carrickmore Battalion
                        A.  Pomeroy Company
                        B.  Altdrummond Company
                        C.  Dunamore Company
                        D.  Kildress Company
                        E.  Binnafreaghan Company
                        F.  Greencastle Company
                        H.  Carrickmore Company
                        1)  Dunmoyle Company
                        Tyrone Flying Column

II.  West Tyrone Brigade
            1.  Omagh Battalion
                        A.  Omagh Company
                        B.  Dregish Company
                        C.  Tattysallagh Company
                        D.  Knockmoyle Company
                        E.  Garvaghullion Company
                        F.  Mayne Company
                        G.  Tattyreagh Company
                        Omagh Flying Column
            2.  Droghmore Battalion
                        1)  Droghmore Company
                        A.  Letterree Company
                        B.  Irvinstown Company
                        C.  Drumquin Company
                        D.  Doughcrock Company
                        E.  Carrick Company
                        F.  Tummery Company
                        G.  Shaneragh Company
                        H.  Seemuldoon Company
                        I.  Knocknagor Company
                        Droghmore Flying Column
            3.  Fintona Battalion
                        A.  Carryglass Company
                        B.  Eskeragh-Aughafad Company
                        C.  Golandor-Trillick Company
                        D.  Tullyclunagh Company
                        E.  Fintona No. 2 Company
                        F.  Mountstewart Company
                        G.  Fintona No. 1 Company
                        1)  Garvahy Company
                        Fintona Flying Column
            4.  Tempo Battalion (company strength)

III.  Mid Tyrone Brigade
            1.  Cookstown Battalion
                        A.  Cookstown Company
                        B.  Bellaherty Company
                        C.  Ballinderry Company
                        D.  Littlebridge Company
                        E.  Moneymore Company
                        F.  Keenaught Company
                        G.  Lissan Company
                        H.  Loop Company
                        J.  Moorestown Company
                        1)  Magherafelt Outpost
            2.  Bellaghy Battalion
                        A.  Newbridge Company
                        B.  Toomebridge Company
                        C.  Cranfield Company
                        D.  Bellaghy Company
                        E.  Gulladuff Company
                        F.  Claudy Company
                        G.  Portglenone Company
            3.  Gortin Battalion
                        A.  Gortin Company
                        B.  Glenelly Company
                        C.  Craigban Company
                        D.  Newtownstewart Company
                        E.  Plumbridge Company
                        F.  Loughash Company
                        G.  Strabane Company
                        H.  Douglasbridge Company
                        J.  Park Company
                        K.  Donemanagh Company
            4.  Maghera Battalion
                        A.  Maghera Company
                        B.  Draperstown Company
                        C.  Swateragh Company
                        D.  Kilrea Company
                        E.  Glenullen Company
                        F.  Moneyneera Company
                        G.  Boleran Company

3rd Northern Division

I.  Belfast Brigade
            1.  Belfast Battalion No. 1
                        A Company (Falls Road)
                        B Company (Falls Road)
                        C Company (Carrickhill)
                        D Company (Falls Road)
                        E Company (Falls Road)
                        F.  Engineers Company
            2. Belfast Battalion No. 2
                        A.  Ardoyne Company
                        B.  Ballymacarett Company
                        C.  Markets Company
                        D.  North Queen Street Company

II.  Antrim Brigade
            1.  Ballycastle Battalion
                        A.  Ballycastle Company
                        B.  Armay Company
                        C.  Torr Outpost
                        D.  Glenchesk Outpost
            2.  Ballymena Battalion
                        A.  Ballymena
                        B.  Glenravel
                        C.  Tannaghmore
            3.  Cushendun Battalion
                        A.  Cushendun Company
                        B.  Glenann Company
                        C.  Glenariffe Company
                        D.  Carnlough Outpost
                        E.  Glenarm Outpost
                        F.  Foystown Outpost
            4.  Cloughmills Battalion
                        A.  Cloughmills Company
                        B.  Dunloy Company
                        C.  Loughgiel Company

III.  Down Brigade
            1.  Castlewellan Battalion
                        1)  Castlewellan Company
                        2)  Kilcoo Company
                        3)  Clanvaraghan Company
                        4)  Leitrim Company
                        5)  Munninabane Company
            2.  Downpatrick Battalion
                        1)  Downpatrick Company
                        2)  Rossglas Company
                        3)  Saul Company
                        4)  Ballyorgan Company
                        5)  Ardglass Company
                        6)  Strangford Company
                        7)  Portaferry Company
            3.  Loughinisland Battalion
                        1)  Broclough Company
                        2)  Crossgar Company
                        3)  Darraghcross Company
                        4)  Ardtanagh Company

4th Northern Division

I.  North Louth Brigade, Co. Louth
            1.  North Louth Battalion
                        A.  Dundalk Company No. 1
                        B.  Haggardstown-Blackrock Company
                        C.  Dundalk Company No. 2
                        1)  Omeath Company
                        2)  Cooley Company
                                    a.  Rathcor Section
                                    b.  Jenkinstown Section
                                    c.  Greenore Section
                                    d.  Carlingford area
                        3)  Ravensdale Company
                        4)  Dromintree Company
                        5)  Ballsmill Company
                        6)  Drominskin-Castelbellingham Company
                        7)  Louth Company
                        8)  Lordship Company
                        9)  Knockbridge Company
            3.  Camlough Battalion
                        1)  Meigh Company
                        2)  Camlough Company
                        3)  Cloughoge Company
                        4)  Corrinshego Company
                        5)  Bessbrook Company
                        6)  Mullaghbawn Company
                        7)  Crossmaglen Company

II.  Newry Brigade (Co. Down)
            1.  Mourne Battalion
                        A.  Attical Company
                        B.  Killowen Company
                        C.  Greencastle Company
                        D.  Killkeel Company
                        E.  Moneydaragh Company
                        F.  Ballymartin Company
            2.  Newry Battalion
                        1)  Warrenpoint Company
                        2)  Newry Company
                        3)  Ballyholland Company
                        4)  Corrogs Company
                        4)  Barraglen Company
                        5)  Grinan Company
                        6)  Rosstrevor Company
                        7)  Hilltown Company
                        8)  Mayobridge Company
                        9)  Barnmeen Company
                        10)  Sheeptown Company
            3.  Banbridge Battalion
                        1)  Banbridge Company
                        2)  Ballela Company
                        3)  Laurencetown Company
                        4)  Knock Company
                                    a.  Tullorier Section
                        5)  Loughbrickland Company
                        6)  Lisnagade Company

Lurgan Independent Battalion
            A.  Aghagallen Company
            B.  Lurgan Company
            C.  Derrymacash Company
            D.  Derrytrasna Company
            E.  Maghery Company
            F.  Portadown Company
            G.  Annaghamore-Clonmore Company

Newtownhamilton Independent Battalion
            1)  Ballymoyer Company
                        a.  Newtownhamilton Section
                        b.  Belleecks Section
            2)  Cullyhanna Company
            3)  Claddy Company
            4)  Poyntzpass-Lissummon Company

Armagh Independent Battalion
            A.  Armagh Company
            B.  Ballymacnab Company
                        a.  Markethill Section
            C.  Blackwaterstown Company
                        a.  Tullysarron Section
            D.  Derrynoose Company
            E.  Middletown Company
            F.  Allistragh Company
            G.  Keady Company

5th Northern Division

I.  South Monaghan Brigade
     (Battalions in this brigade bore letter rather than numerical designations)
            Monaghan Brigade GHQ
            A.  Clones Battalion
                        1)  Clones Company
                        2)  Scotshouse Company
                        3)  Aghabog-Greenan’s Cross Company
                        4)  Newbliss Company
                        5)  Ture Company
                        6)  Wattlebridge Company
            B.  Scotstown Battalion
                        1)  Scotstown Company
                        2)  Derrygannon Company
                        3)  Killyrover Company
                        4)  Knockatallon Company
                        5)  Lisnaskea Company
                        6)  Rosslea Company
                        7)  Moan’s Cross
                        8)  Fivemiletown Company
                        9)  Mageraveely Company
                        10)  Corrynanny Company
            C.  Bragan Battalion
                        1)  Augher Company
                        2)  Ballyotion Company
                        3)  Donagh Company
                        4)  Corracrin Company
                        5)  Clara Company
                        6)  Carrickroe Company
                        7)  Tirnaneil & Enagh Company
                        8)  Tydavert Company

II.  North Monaghan Brigade
      (Numerical sequence for battalions was already in use when brigade formed)
            2.  Monaghan Battalion
                        1)  Ardaghey Company
                        2)  Monaghan Company
                        3)  Annyalla Company
                        4)  Clontibret Company
                        5)  Tyholland Company
                        6)  Threemilehouse Company
                        7)  Corcaghan Company
                        8)  Smithboro Company
                        9)  Middleton Company
            4.  Ballybay Battalion
                        A.  Latton Company
                        B.  Ballybay Company
                        C.  Tullycorbett Company
                        D.  Doohamlet Company
                        E.  Rockcorry Company
                        F.  Castleblaney Company
                        G.  Loughleigh Company
                        H.  Carrickatee Company
            5.  Carrickmacross Battalion
                        1)  Carrickmacross Company
                        2)  Upper Magheracloone Company
                        3)  Killanny Company
                        4)  Inniskeen Company
                        5)  Bawn Company
                        6)  Corduff Company
                        7)  Donaghmoyne Company
                        8)  Lisdoonan Company
                        9)  Lower Magheracloone Company
                        10)  Broomfield Company
                        11)  Mileriver Company

III.  Cavan Brigade
        (Battalions in this brigade bore letter rather than numerical designations)
            A.  Cootehill Battalion
                        1)  Cootehill Company
                        2)  Kill Company
                        3)  Maudabawn Company
                        4)  Middle Chapel Company
            B.  Carrickallen Battalion
                        1)  Carrickallen Company
                        2)  Clifferna Company
                        3)  Knockbride West Company
                        4)  Larah Company
            C.  Cavan Battalion
                        1)  Alacken Company
                        2)  Annagh Company
                        3)  Butlersbridge Company
                        4)  Castletara Company
                        5)  Cavan Company
                        6)  Drumcrave Company
                        7)  Drung Company
                        8)  Lavey Lower Company
                        9)  Bunnoe Company
            D.  Crosserlough Battalion
                        1)  Crosserlough Company
                        2)  Ballyjamesduff Company
                        3)  Crosskeys Company
                        4)  Drumkilly Company
                        5)  Kilnaleck Company
                        6)  Lavey Upper Company
                        7)  Mountnugent Company

1st Midland Division

I.  Athlone Brigade
            1.  Coosan Battalion
                        A.  Coosan Company
                        B.  Mount Temple Company
                        C.  Kiltoom Company
                        D.  Athlone Company
                        E.  Moate Company
                        F.  Faheran Company
            2.  Drumraney Battalion
                        A.  Drumraney Company
                        B.  Tang Company
                        C.  Tubberclare Company
                        D.  Ballymore Company
                        E.  Bishopstown Company
                        F.  Rosemount Company
            3.  Summerhill Battalion
                        A.  Summerhill Company
                        B.  Drum Company
                        C.  Bealnamulla Company
                        D.  Clonown Company
                        E.  Taughmaconnell Company
                        F.  Moone Company
                        G.  Monksland Company

II.  Longford Brigade
            1.  Ballinlee Battalion
                        A.  Clonbroney Company
                        B.  Killoe Company
                        C.  Collumcille Lower Company
                        D.  Collumcille Upper Company
                        E.  Ballymore Company
            2.  Longford Battalion
                        A.  Ferefad Company
                        B.  Briskil Company
                        C.  Ballymacormack-Killashee Company
                        D.  Longford Company
            3.  Lanesboro Battalion
                        A.  Rathcline Company
                        B.  Clough Company
                        C.  Newtowncashel Company
                        D.  Ballymahon Company
                        E.  Forgney Company
            4.  Ardagh Battalion
                        A.  Leggan Company
                        B.  Ardagh Company
                        C.  Carrickedmund Company
                        D.  Edgeworthstown Company
                        E.  Moydow Company
                        F.  Rathaspic Company
            5.  Drumlish Battalion
                        A.  Drumlish Company
                        B.  Ballinamuck Company
                        C.  Dromard Company
                        D.  Moyne Company
                        E.  Edenmore Company
            6.  Streete Battalion
                        A.  Abbeylara Company
                        B.  Streete-Rathowen Company
                        C.  Mullinaghta Company
                        D.  Granard Company

III.  South Leitrim Brigade
            1.  Carrigallen Battalion
                        A.  Carrigallen Company
                        B.  Aughavas Company
                        C.  Cloone Company
                        D.  Cornageeha Company
                        E.  Drumreilly Company
                        F.  Fearglas Company
                        G.  Drumeela Company
                        H.  Barnacoola Company
            2.  Ballinamore Battalion
                        A.  Ballinamore Company
                        B.  Aughnasheelin Company
                        C.  Fenagh Company
                        D.  Crumlin Company
                        E.  Drumshanbo Company
                        F.  Aughawilliam Company
                        G.  Kiltubrid North Company
                        H.  Kiltubrid South Company
                        K.  Corraleehan Company
            3.  Mohill Battalion Company
                        1)  Mohill Company
                        2)  Barnacoula Upper Company
                        3)  Jamestown Company
                        4)  Annaduff Company
                        5)  Carrick-on-Shannon Company
                        6)  Drumsna Company
                        7)  Leitrim Company
                        8)  Eslin Company
                        9)  Garvagh Company
                        10)  Gowel Company
            4.  Drumkeerin Battalion
                        1)  Drumkeeran Company
                        2)  Tarmon Company
                        3)  Newbridge Company
                        4)  Crevelea Company
                        5)  Ballinaglera Company
                        6)  Belhavel Company
                        7)  Whiteroad Company
            South Leitrim Flying Column

IV.  Fermanagh Brigade
            1.  Enniskillen Battalion
                        A.  Boho Company
                        B.  Derrygonnelly Company
                        C.  Enniskillen Company
                        D.  Monea Company
                        E.  Rosinuremore Company
                        1) Whitehill Outpost
            2.  Belcoo Battalion
                        A.  Belcoo Company
                        C.  Glangelvin Lower Company
                        D.  Glangelvin Upper Company
                        E.  Killinagh Company
                        F.  Mullaghdun Company
            3.  Derrylin-Arney Battalion
                        A.  Arney Company
                        B.  Kinawley Company
                        C.  Derrylin Company
                        D.  Mountain Road Company
                        E.  Killesher Company

V.  North Leitrim Brigade
            (No information available, other than that it existed)

Belturrbet Independent Battalion
            A.  Belturbet Company
            B.  Milltown Company
            C.  Camaleer Company
            D.  Drumalee Company

Corlough Independent Battalion
            A.  Upper Corlough Company
            B.  Lower Corlough Company
            C.  Templeport Company
            D.  Ballyconnell Company
            E.  Swanlinba Company

Ballinagh Independent Battalion
            A.  Ballinagh Company
            B.  Drumbrade Company
            C.  Bruskey Company
            D.  Gowna Company
            E.  Loughduff Company
            F.  Upper Mullahoran Company
            G.  Ballymachugh Company
            H.  Cormore Company
            I.  Denn Company
            1)  Ardvagh Company
            2)  Killeshandra Company

1st Eastern Division

I.  Dunboyne (Meath No. 1) Brigade
            1.  Dunboyne Battalion
                        A.  Dunboyne Company
                        B.  Kilbride Company
                        C.  Kilcloon Company
            2.  Second Battalion
                        A.  Dunshaughlin Company
                        B.  Rathoath Company
                        C.  Curragha Company
                        D.  Skyrne (Killein) Company
                        E.  Culmullen Company
            3.  Kildare Battalion
                        A.  Leixlip Company
                        B.  Celbridge Company
                        C.  Straffan Company
                        D.  Maynooth Company
            4.  Fourth Battalion
                        1)  Kilcock Company
                        2)  Coole Company
                        3)  Broadford Company
                        4)  Clogherinka Company
                        5)  Cloncurry Company
                        6)  Mainham Company
                        7)  Carbury Company
                        8)  Enfield Company
                        9)  Johnstown Bridge Company

II.  Navan (Meath No. 2) Brigade
            1.  Trim Battalion
                        1)  Trim Company
                        2)  Bective & Kilmessan Company
                        3)  Dunderry Company
                        4)  Kiltale Company
            2.  Second Battalion
                        1)  Kentstown Company
                        2)  Yellow Furze Company
                        3)  Dunmoe Company
                        4)  Johnstown Company
            3.  Third Battalion
                        1)  Rathkenny Company
                        2)  Clongill Company
                        3)  Kilbarry Company
                        4)  Castletown Company
            4.  Navan Battalion
                        1)  Martry Company
                        2)  Bohermeen Company
                        3)  Navan Company
                        4)  Adbraccan Company

III.  Kells (Meath No. 3) Brigade
            1.  Newcastle Battalion
                        A.  Newcastle Company
                        B.  Moynalty Company
                        C.  Kells Company
                        D.  Nobber Company
                                    a.  Barley Hill Section
                                    b.  Meath Hill Section
                        E.  Kilbeg Company
                        F.  Milltown Company
                        G.  Mullagh Company
                        H.  Drumconrath Company
            2.  Oldcastle Battalion
                        A.  Carnaross Company
                        B.  Ballinalough Company
                        C.  Stonefield Company
                        D.  Whitegate Company
                        E.  Ballinacree Company
                        F.  Oldcastle Company
                        G.  Fennor Company
                        H.  Moylough Company
            3.  Virginia Battalion
                        A.  Virginia Company
                        B.  Killinkere Company
                        C.  Cross Company
                        D.  Maghera Company
                        E.  Lurgan Company
                        F.  Castlerahan Company
                        G.  Munterconnaught Company
            4.  Bailieboro Battalion
                        A.  Bailieboro Company
                        B.  Kingscourt Company
                        C.  Knockbride East Company
                        D.  Killann Company
                        E.  Corlea Company
                        F.  Barley Hill Company

IV.  Delvin (Meath No. 4) Brigade
            1.  Ballivor Battalion
                        1)  Boardsmill Company
                        2)  Ballivor Company
                        3)  Kilyon Company
            2.  Athboy Battalion
                        1)  Athboy Company
                        2)  Fordstown Company
                        3)  Kildalkey Company
            3.  Devlin Battalion
                        1)  Delvin Company
                        2)  Clonmellan Company
                        3)  Archerstown Company

V.  Mullingar Brigade, Co. Westmeath
            1.  Mullingar Battalion
                        A.  Mullingar Company
                        B.  The Downes Company
                        C.  Taughmon Company
                        D.  Ballynacargy Company
            2.  Loughnavalley Battalion
                        A.  Loughnavalley Company
                        B.  Moyvore Company
                        C.  Castletown-Geoghegan Company
                        D.  Skeagh Company
            3.  Kinnegad Battalion
                        A.  Kinnegad Company
                        B.  Milltown Pass Company
                        C.  Coralstown Company
                        D.  Raharney Company
                        E.  Clonlost Company
            4.  Castlepollard Battalion
                        A.  Castlepollard Company
                        B.  Stonetown Company
                        C.  Whitehall Company
                        D.  Glanidian Company
                        E.  Boherquill Company
                        F.  Coole Company
            Mullingar Flying Column

VI.  Edenderry Brigade
        (North Offaly; no records exist, but several witnesses testify there was such)

VII.  Naas Brigade
         (South Kildare; not organized till after the Truce)

VIII.  Fingal Brigade, Co. Dublin
            1.  Naul Battalion
                        A.  Naul Company
                        B.  Ring Commons Company
                        C.  Skerries Company
                        D.  Gormanstown Company
                        E.  Balbriggan Company
                                    a.  Balrothery Section
                        F.  Julianstown-Laytown Company
            2.  Swords Battalion
                        A.  Lusk Company
                        B.  Rush Company
                        C.  Donabate Company
                        D.  Swords-Balheary Company
            3.  Finglas Battalion
                        A.  St. Margarets Company
                        B.  Finglas Company
                        C.  Kinsealey Company
                        D.  Santry Company
            4.  Garristown Battalion
                        A.  Oldtown Company
                        B.  Garristown Company
                        C.  Ardcath Company
                        D.  Duleek Company

IX.  South Louth (Drogheda) Brigade
            1.  Drogheda Battalion
                        A.  Drogheda Company
                        B.  Drogheda Company
                        C.  Drogheda Company
                        D.  Drogheda Company
                        E.  Drogheda Company
                        F.  Drogheda Company
                        G.  Slane Company
                        H.  Slane Company
            2.  Dunleer Battalion
                        A.  Drogheda Company
                        B.  Dunleer Company
                        C.  Dunleer Company
            3.  Ardee Battalion
                        1)  Ardee Company
                        2)  Smarmore Company
                                    a.  Collon Section
                        3)  Collon Company

North Kildare Independent Battalion
            A.  Athgarvan Company
            B.  Ballymore Eustace Company
            C.  Hollywood Company
            D.  Kill Company
            E.  Naas Company
            F.  Newbridge Company
            G.  Prosperous Company
            H.  Robertstown Company
            I  Two Mile House Company
            J.  Allen Company
            K.  Allenwood Company
            L.  Clane Company
            M.  Eadestown Company
            N.  Clongorey Company
            O.  Lewistown Company

2nd Eastern Division area
(Division organized after the Truce)

General GHQ, IRA
Dublin Brigade, City and County of Dublin
            1.  First Battalion (North Liffey and West O’Connell St.)
                        A Company
                        B Company
                        C Company
                        D Company
                        E Company
                        F Company
                        G Company
                        H Company’
                        I Company
                        K Company
                        L Company
            2.  Second Battalion (North Liffey and East O’Connell St.)
                        A Company (“Cyclists”)
                        B Company
                        C Company
                        D Company
                        E Company
                        F Company
                        G-H Company
            3.  Third Battalion (South Liffey)
                        A Company
                        B Company
                        C Company
                        D Company
                        E Company
                        G Company
                        K Company
                        Cyclists Company
            4.  Fourth Battalion (South Townships)
                        A Company
                        B Company
                        C Company
                        D Company
                        E Company
                        F Company
                        G Company
            5.  Engineers (Fifth) Battalion
                        Company No. 1
                        Company No. 2
                        Company No. 3
                        Company No. 4
            6.  South Dublin Battalion
                        A.  Dundrum Company
                        B.  Ticknock Company
                        C.  Bray Company
                        D.  Dunlaoghaire Company
                        E.  Blackrock Company
                        F.  Deansgrange Company
                        G. Dalkey-Ballybrack Company
                        H.  Enniskerry Company
            7.  Dun Lothaire Battalion (Co. Dublin)
                        A.  Tallaght Company
                        B.  Clondalkin Company
                        C.  Ballinascorney Company
                        D.  Brittas & Kilbride Company
                        E.  Blessington-Lacken Company
                        F.  Valleymount Company
                        Dun Lothaire Battalion ASU
            Dublin Guard (remnant of the brigade’s former ASU plus “The Squad”)
                        No. 1 Section
                        No. 2 Section
                        No. 3 Section
                        No. 4 Section

Wicklow Independent Battalion
            1)  Wicklow Company
            2)  Arklow Company
            3)  Rathdrum Company
            4)  Laragh Company
            5)  Ashford Company
            6)  Redcross & Barnderrig Company
            7)  Rathnew Company
            8)  Avoca Company
            9)  Kennedy-Kilcoole Company
            10)  Glenealy Company
            11)  Johnstown Company
            12)  Roundwood Company

3rd Eastern Division area
(Division organized after the Truce)

South Wexford Brigade
            1.  Ross Battalion
                        A.  New Ross Company
                        B.  Rathgarugue Company
                        C.  Cushinstown Company
                        D.  Adamstown Company
                        E.  Templeudigan Company
                        F.  Ballywilliam Company
            2.  Campile Battalion
                        A.  Gusseranne Company
                        B.  Campile Company
                        C.  Ramsgrange Company
                        D.  Fethard-on-Sea Company
                        E.  Newbawn Company
                        F.  Clongeen Company
                        G.  St. Leonards Company
            Campile Flying Column
            3.  Murrintown Battalion
                        A.  Murrintown Company
                        B.  Bridgetown Company
                        C.  Broadway Company
                        D.  Ballymitty Company
                        E.  Tagoat Company
            4.  Wexford Town Battalion
                        A.  Wexford Town Company No. 1
                        B.  Wexford Town Company No. 2
                        C.  Wexford Town Company No. 3
                        D.  Crossabeg Company
                        E.  Ballymurrin Company
                        F.  Castlebridge Company
                        G.  Taghmon Company
                        H.  Glynn Company
            South Wexford Flying Columns

North Wexford Brigade
            1.  Enniscourty Battalion
                        A.  Ballindaggin Company
                        B.  Ballycarney Company
                        C.  Marshalstown Company
                        D.  Kiltealy Company
                        E.  Kilmyshal Company
                        F.  Bunclody Company
                        G.  Enniscorthy Company
                        H.  Blackwater Company
            2.  Oylegate Battalion
                        A.  Rathnure Company
                        B.  Poulpeasty Company
                        C.  Davidstown-Courtnacuddy Company
                        D.  Oylegate Company
                                    a.  Glenbrien Outpost
                        E.  Bree Company
                        F.  Shannon Company
                                    a.  Kilcotty Outpost
                        G.  Clonroche Company
                        H.  Caim Company
            3.  Camolin Battalion
                        A.  Ferns Company
                        B.  Camolin Company
                        C.  Ballygarrett Company
                        D.  Kilanerin Company
                        E.  Castletown Company
                        F.  Riverchapel Company
                        G.  Gorey Company
                        H.  Clologue Company
                        I.  Oulart Company
                        J.  Boolavogue Company
                        K.  Monageer Company
            4.  Carnew Battalion
                        A.  Carnew Company
                                    a.  Shillelagh Outpost
                        B.  Askamore-Brideswell Company
                        C.  Crossbridge-Tinahely Company
                        D.  Coolboy-Coolfancy Company
                        E.  Cranford Company
                                    a.  Monaseed Outpost
            North Wexford Brigade Flying Column No. 1
            North Wexford Brigade Flying Column No.  2

Carlow Brigade, Co. Carlow
            1.  Carlow Battalion
                        A.  Carlow Company
                        B.  Bagnalstown Company
                        C.  Leighlinbridge Company
                        D.  Killeshin Company
                        E.  Balinabranna Company
                        F.  Nurney Company
                        G.  Newtown Company
            2.  Baltinglass Battalion
                        A.  Baltinglass Company
                        B.  Grangecon Company
                        C.  Tynock Company
                        D.  Donard Company
                        E.  Rathangan Company
            3.  Clonmore Battalion
                        A.  Clonmore Company
                        B.  Grangeford Company
                        C.  Hacketstown Company
                        D.  Rathvilly Company
                        E.  Tullow Company
                        F.  Ballon Company
                        G.  Killinure Company
                        H.  Clonegal Company
                        J.  Myshall Company
                        K.  Kildavin Company
                        L.  Ardattin Company
            4.  Ballymurphy Battalion
                        A.  Ballymurphy Company
                        B.  Clashganny Company
                        C.  Rathanna Company
                        D.  Ballyglisheen Company
                        E.  Marley Company
                        F.  St. Mullins Company
                        G.  Borris Company
            5.  Athy Battalion
                        A.  Athy Company
                        B.  Barrowhouse Company
                        C.  Moone Company
                        D.  Ballylinan Company
                        E.  Moat Company
                        F.  Castledermot Company
            6.  Dunlavin Battalion
                        A.  Dunlavin Company
                        B.  Seven Stars-Kildoon Company
                        C.  Suncroft Company
                        D.  Kilcullen Company
                        E.  Kilgowan Company
                        F.  Kildare Company
                        G.  Monasterevan Company
            Carlow Flying Column

1st Southern Division

 I.  Cork City and Mid Cork Brigade
            1.  Cork City Battalion No. 1
                        A Company
                        B Company
                        C Company
                        D Company
                        E. Company
                                    a.  Killeen Section
                        F Company
                        G Compny
                        H Company
            2.  Cork City Battalion No. 2
                        A Company
                        B Company
                        C Company
                        D Company
                        E. Company
                        F Company
                        G Compny
                        H Company
            3.  Ovens Battalion
                        A.  Inniscarra Company
                        B.  Kilumney Company
                        C.  Waterfall Company
                        D.  Aherla Company
                        E.  Farran Company
                        F.  Farnanes Company
            4.  East Cork Battalion
                        A.  Cobh Company
                        B.  Midleton Company
                        C.  Youghal Company
                        D.  Carrigtwohill Company
                        E.  Knockraha Company
                        F1.  Castlemartyr-Dungourney-Mogelly Company
                        F2.  Clonmult Company
                        G.  Lisgoold Company
                        H.  Leamlara Company
                        I.  Ladysbridge Company
                        J1.  Killeagh Company
                        J2.  Inch Company
                        K.  Cloyne Company
                        L.  Aghada Company
                        M.  Shanagarry Company
                        N.  Ballycotton Company
                        O.  Ballymacoda Company
                        P.  Glounthaune Company
                        R.  Churchtown South Company
                        Battalion No. 4 Flying Column
            5.  Riverstown Battalion
                        A.  Whitechurch Company
                        B.  Carrignavar Company
                        C.  White’s Cross Company
                        D.  Riverstown Company
            6.  Donoughmore Battalion
                        A.  Courtbrack Company
                        B.  Blarney Company
                        C.  Donoughmore Company
                        D.  Rylane Company
                        E.  Inniscarra Company
                        F.  Grenagh Company
                        G.  Coachford Company
                        Dnoughmore Battalion Flying Column
            7.  Macroom Battalion
                        A.  Macroom Company No. 1
                        B.  Macroom Company No. 2
                        C.  Clondrohid Company
                        D.  Ballinagree Company
                        E.  Rusheen Company
                        F.  Canovee Company
                        G.  Crookstown Company
                        H.  Kilmurry Company
                        J.  Toames Company
                        K.  Kilmichael Company
                        Macroom Flying Column
            8.  Ballyvourney Battalion
                        A.  Ballyvoige Company
                        B.  Ballymakeera Company
                        C.  Coolea Company
                        D.  Ballingeary Company
                        E.  Inchigeela Company
                        F.  South Inchigeela Company
            9.  Carrigaline Battalion
                        A.  Rochestown Company
                        B.  Monkstown Company
                        C.  Passage West Company
                        D.  Ringaskiddy Company
                        E.  Carrigaline Company
                        F.  Ballygarvan Company
                        G.  Ballinhassig Company
                        H.  Kinsale Company
                        I.  Minane Bridge Company
            Cork City Town ASU
            Mid Cork Flying Column

II.  North Cork Brigade
            1.  Fermoy Battalion
                        1)  Fermoy Company
                        2)  Clondulane Company
                        3)  Araglin Company
                        4)  Watergrasshill Company
                        5)  Rathcormac Company
                        6)  Bartlemy Company
                        7)  Glenville Company
                        8)  Kildinan Company
                        9)  Kilworth Company
                        10)  Castlelyons Company
                        11)  Ballynoe (Conna) Company
                        Fermoy Flying Column
            2.  Castletownroche Battalion
                        1)  Shanballymore Company
                        2)  Ballyhooley Company
                        3)  Doneraile Company
                        4)  Killavullen Company
                        5)  Castletownroche Company
                        6)  Ballindangan Company
                        7)  Kildorrery Company
                        8)  Mitchelstown Company
                        9)  Ballygiblin (Kilbehenny) Company
                        10)  Glanworth Company
            North Cork Flying Column

III.  West Cork Brigade
            1.  Bandon Battalion
                        1)  Balinadee Company
                        2)  Kilbrittain Company
                        3)  Ballinspittle Company
                        4)  Timoleague Company
                        5)  Barryroe Company
                        6)  Clogagh Company
                        7)  Bandon Company
                        8)  Innishannon Company
                        9)  Crosspound Company
                        10)  Kilpatrick Company
                        11)  Farnivane Company
                        12)  Newcestown Company
                        13)  Quarry’s Cross Company
            2.  Clonakilty Battalion
                        A.  Clonakilty Company
                        B.  Lyre Company
                        C.  Ahiohill Company
                        E.  Kilmeen Company
                        F.  Ardfield Company
                        G.  Ross Company
                        H.  Reenascreena Company
                        1)  Kilkerranmore Company
                        2)  Rosscarbery Company
                        3)  Ring Company
            3.  Dunmanway Battalion
                        1)  Aultagh Company
                        2)  Behagh Company
                        3)  Ballinacarriga Company
                        4)  Ballineen Company
                        5)  Togher Company
                        6)  Dernichara Company
                        7)  Coppeen Company
                        8)  Kenneigh Company
                        9)  Shanavagh Company
                        10)  Clubhouse Company
                        11)  Knockbue Company
                        12)  Dunmanway Company
                        13)  Kilbarry Company
            4.  Skibbereen Battalion
                        1)  Skibbereen Company
                        2)  Baltimore Company
                        3)  Castlehaven Company
                        4)  Myross Company
                        5)  Glandore Company
                        6)  Leap Company
                        7)  Corran Company
                        8)  Drinagh Company
                        9)  Bredagh Company
            5.  Bantry Battalion
                        1)  Bantry Company
                        2)  Coomhola Company
                        3)  Droumsullivan Company
                        4)  Durrus Company
                        5)  Glengarriff Company
                        6)  Kealkil Company
                        7)  Pearson’s Bridge Company
                        8)  Kilcrohane Company
                        9)  Inchingeragh Company
                        10)  Drimoleague Company
                        11)  Caheragh Company
                        12)  Durrus Road Company
                        13)  Castledonovan Company
            6.  Berehaven Battalion
                        1)  Urhan Company
                        2)  Kilcatherine Company
                        3)  Ballycrovane Company
                        4)  Garnish Company
                        5)  Ardgroom Company
                        6)  Rossmacowen Company
                        7)  Allihies Company
                        8)  Eyeries Company
                        9)  Castletownbere Company
                        10)  Adrigole Company
                        11)  Bere Island Company
            7.  Schull Battalion
                        A.  Lisagriffin Company
                        B.  Goleen Company
                        C.  Dunmanus Company
                        D.  Gloun Company
                        E.  Lemcon Company
                        F.  Schull Company
                        G.  Ballydehob Company
                        H.  Skehanore Company
                        K.  Dunbeacon Company
                        L.  Lisheen Company
            West Cork Flying Column

IV.  North-West Cork Brigade
            1.  Millstreet Battalion
                        A.  Millstreet Company
                        B.  Dooneen Company
                        C.  Coole Cross Company
                        D.  Kilmeedy Company
                        E.  Rathduane Company
                        F.  Cullen Company
                        G.  Derrinagree Company
                        H.  Rathcool Company
                        I.  Mushera Company
                        J.  Kilcorney Company
            2.  Newmarket Battalion
                        A.  Tullylease Company
                        B.  Freemount Company
                        C.  Meelin Company
                        D.  Newmarket Company
                        E.  Rockchapel Company
                        F.  Taur Company
                        G.  Williamstown (Ballydesmond) Company
                        H.  Kiskeam Company
                        I.  Knocknagree Company
                        J.  Umeraboy Company
            3.  Charleville Battalion
                        A.  Charleville (Rathluire) Company
                        B.  Newtownshandrum Company
                        C.  Milford Company
                        D.  Dromina Company
                        E.  Liscarroll Company
                        F.  Churchtown Company
                        G.  Ballyhea Company
                        H.  Effin Company
                        I.  Lisgriffin Company
                        J.  Buttevant Company
            4.  Kanturk Battalion
                        A.  Lacklawn Company
                        B.  Nadd Company
                        C.  Kanturk Company
                        D.  Castlemagner Company
                        E.  Dromtarriffe Company
                        F.  Kilbrin Company
                        G.  Boherbue Company
                        H.  Banteer Company
                        I.  Bawnmore Company
                        J.  Derrygallon Company
            5.  Mallow Battalion
                        A.  Analeentha Company
                        B.  Kilshannig Company
                        C.  Twopothouse Company
                        D.  Ballyclough Company
                        E.  Lombardstown Company
                        F.  Ahadillane Company
                        G.  Mallow Company
                        H.  Burnfort (Mourneabbey) Company
            North-West Cork Flying Column

V.  South-West Cork Brigade
      (Not organized until after the Truce)

VI.  East Waterford Brigade, Co. Waterford
            1.  Waterford City Battalion
                        A.  Waterford City Company
                        B.  Barrack Street Company
                        C.  Gracedieu Company
                        D.  Ballytruckle Company
                        F.  Butlertown Company
                                    a.  Ferrybank Company
            2.  Dunhill Battalion
                        A.  Dunhill Company
                        B.  Kilmeadan Company
                        C.  Fenor Company
                        D.  Tramore Company
                        E.  Kill Company
                        F.  Dungarvan Company
            3.  Third Battalion
                        A.  Callaghane Company
                        B.  Passage East Company
                        C.  Killea Company
                        D.  Ballymacaw Company
                        E.  Checkpoint & Faithlegg Company

VII.  West Waterford (Deise) Brigade
            1.  Dungarvan Battalion (No. 1)
                        1)  Dungarvan Company
                        2)  Abbeyside Company
                        3)  Glenbeg (Twomile Bridge) Company
                        4)  Sleady Company
                        5)  Colligan Company
                        6)  Brickey Company
                        7)  Modeligo Company
                        8)  Nire Company
                        9)  Ballymacarbery Company
                        10)  Touraneena-Knockboy Company
                        11)  Kilbrien Company
            2.  Lismore Battalion
                        1)  Tallow Company
                        2)  Glendine Company
                        3)  Ballysaggart Company
                        4)  Lismore Company
                        5)  Knockanore Company
                        6)  Cappoquin & Melleray Company
                        7)  Ballyduff Company
                        8)  Kilwatermoy Company
            3.  Ardmore Battalion
                        A.  Ring Company
                        B.  Old Parish Company
                        C.  Kiely’s Cross Company
                        D.  Ardmore Company
                        E.  Piltown Company
                        F.  Clashmore Outpost
                        G.  Ballycurrane Company
                        H.  Villierstown Company
            4.  Kilrossanty Battalion
                        A.  Kilrossanty Company
                        B.  Stradbally Company
                        C.  Garranbane Company
                        D.  Kilmacthomas Company
                        E.  Bonmahon Company
            West Waterford Flying Column

VIII.  North Kerry Brigade
            1.  Tralee Battalion
                        A.  Boherbee Company
                        B.  Strand Street Company
                        C.  Curraheen Company
                        D.  Rock Street Tralee Company
                        E.  Ballyroe Company
                        F.  Farmer’s Bridge Company
                        G.  Oak Park Company
                        H.  Blennerville Company
                        Tralee Flying Column
            2.  Ardfert Battalion
                        1)  Ardfert Company
                        2)  Ballyheigue Company
                        3)  Kerryhead Company
                        4)  Causeway Company
                        5)  Kilmoyley Company
                        6)  Abbeydorney Company
                        7)  Kilflynn Company
                        8)  Churchill Company
                        Adfert Flying Column
            3.  Lixnax Battalion
                        A.  Lixnaw Company
                        B.  Leam Company
                        C.  Rathea Company
                        D.  Ballydonoghue Company
                        E.  Ballybunion Company
                        F.  Ballyduff Company
                        G.  Ardoughter Company
                        Linax Flying Column
            4.  Castlegregory Battalion
                        A.  Cloghane-Cappa Company
                        B.  Ballinira-Kilcummin Company
                        C.  Aughacasla Company
                        D.  Kilshannig-Fahamore Company
                        E.  Camp Company
                        F.  Castlegregory Company
            5.  Dingle Battalion
                        A.  Inch Company
                        B.  Annascaul Company
                        C.  Lispole Company
                        D.  Dingle Company
                        E.  Ventry Company
                        F.  Ballyferriter Company
                        G.  Ballydavid Company
                        H.  Cuas Company
            6.  Listowel Battalion
                        1)  Tarbert Company
                        2)  Behins Company
                        3)  Bedford Company
                        4)  Finuge Company
                        5)  Newtown (Mohvane) Company
                        6)  Listowel Company
                        7)  Knockanure Company
                        8)  Beale Company
                        9)  Duagh Company
                        10)  Ballylongford Company
                        11)  Asdee Company
                        Listowel Flying Column

IX.  South Kerry Brigade
            1.  Castleisland Battalion
                        A.  Brosna Company
                        B.  Castleisland Company
                        C.  Cordal Company
                        D.  Currow Company
                        E.  Knocknagoshel Company
                        F.  Lyreacroumpane Company
                        G.  Scartaglin Company
                        Castleisland Flying Column
            2.  Ballymacelligot Battalion
                        A.  Ashill Company
                        B.  Ballymacelligot Company
                        C.  Currans Company
                        D.  Firies Company
                        E.  Kiltallagh Company
                        F.  Keel Company
                        Ballymacelligot Flying Column
            3.  Kenmare Battalion
                        A.  Tahilla Company
                        B.  Templenoe Company
                        C.  Kenmare Company
                        D.  Crossroads Company
                        E.  Kilgarvan Company
                        H.  Bonane Company
                        I.  Dauros Company
                        J.  Ardea Company
                        K.  Lauragh Company
                        Kenmare Flying Column
            4.  Killarney Battalion
                        A.  Ballyhar Company
                        B.  Beaufort Company
                        C.  Black Valley Company
                        D.  Fossa Company
                        F.  Killarney Company
                        G.  Kilcummin Company
                        H.  Lissivigeen Company
                        I.  Listry Company
                        J.  Muckross Company
                        Killarney Flying Column
            5.  Barraduff Battalion
                        A.  Anablaha Company
                        B.  Barraduff Company
                        C.  Bealnadeega Company
                        D.  Glenflesk Company
                        E.  Rathmore Company
                        F.  Greeveguilla Company
                        Barraduff Flying Column
            6.  Milltown Battalion
                        A.  Milltown Company
                        B.  Killorglin Company
                        C.  Glencar Company
                        D.  Kilgobnet Company
                        E.  Glenbeigh Company
                        F.  Dungeel Company
                        G.  Caragh Lake Company
                        Milltown Flying Column

X.  West Kerry Brigade
            1.  Caherciveen Battalion
                        A.  Caherciveen Company
                        B.  Killoe Company
                        C.  Ballycarbery Company
                        D.  Foilmore Company
                        E.  Kells Company
                        F.  Coonana Company
            2.  Ballinskelligs Battalion
                        A.  Ballinskelligs Company
                        B.  Glen Company
                        C.  Portmagee Company
                        D.  Valentia Company
                        E.  Fermoyle Company
            3.  Waterville Battalion
                        A.  Knopogue Company
                        B.  Dromod Company
                        C.  Masterguihy Company
                        D.  Tullig Company
                        E.  Waterville Company
                        F.  Baslicon Company
                        G.  Lohar Company
            4.  Caherdaniel Battalion
                        A.  Caherdaniel Company
                        B.  Reen Company
                        C.  Castlecove Company
                        D.  Glenlough Company
                        E.  Sneem Company
            West Kerry Flying Column

XI.  West Limerick Brigade, Co. Limerick
            1.  Newcastlewest Battalion
                        A.  Monegay Company
                        B.  Newcastlewest Company
                        C.  Killoughteen Company
                        D.  Ardagh Company
                        E.  Kilcolman Company
                        F.  Carrickerry Company
            2.  Abbeyfeale Battalion
                        F.  Abbeyfeale Company
                        G.  Athea Company
                        H.  Templeglantine Company
                        I.  Tournafulla Company
                        J.  Mount Collins Company
            3.  Dromcollogher Battalion
                        A.  Dromcollogher Company
                        B.  Broadford Company
                        C.  Feohanagh Company
                        D.  Castlemahon Company
                        E.  Feenagh Company
                        F.  Ballygran Company
                        G.  Kilmeedy Company
                        H.  Clouncagh Company
                        K.  Killeedy Company
            4.  Rathkeale Battalion
                        A.  Rathkeale Company
                        B.  Stonehall Company
                        C.  Pallaskenry Company
                        D.  Ballysteen Company
                        E.  Askeaton Company
                        F.  Croagh Company
                        G.  Ballingarry Company
                        H.  Granagh Company
                        I.  Kilfinny Company
                        J.  Cappagh Company
            5.  Ballyhahill Battalion
                        A.  Loughill Company
                        E.  Shanagolden Company
                        N.  Foynes Company
                        O.  Ballyhahill Company
                        R.  Ballygoughlan Company
                        V.  Glin Company
            West Limerick Flying Column

2nd Southern Division

I.  East Limerick (Galtee) Brigade, Co. Limerick
            1.  Doon Battalion
                        A.  Doon Company
                        B.  Cappawhite Company
                        C.  Oola Company
                        D.  Cullen Company
                        E.  Templebraden Company
                        F. Pallas Company
            2.  Kilteely Battalion
                        1)  Hospital Company
                        2)  Knockaney Company
                        3)  Kilteely Company
                        4)  Emly Company
                        5)  Knocklong Company
                        6)  Herbertstown Company
                        7)  Garryspillane Company
            3.  Bruff Battalion
                        No. 1 Company, Bruff
                        No. 2 Company, Athlacca
                        No. 3 Company, Manister
                        No. 4 Company, Meanus
                        No. 5 Company, Grange
                        No. 6 Company, Loughgur
                        No. 7 Company, Herbertstown (Banogue)
            4.  Kilmallock Battalion
                        A.  Martinstown Company
                        B.  Bulgaden Company
                        C.  Elton Company
                        D.  Ballingaddy Company
                        E.  Kilmallock Company
                        F.  Dromin Company
                        G.  Bruree Company
            5.  Kilfinane Battalion
                        1)  Ardpatrick Company
                        2)  Kilfinane Company
                        3)  Glenroe Company
                        4)  Knockanevin & Shraherla Company
                        5)  Ballyorgan Company
                        6)  Knockadea Company
                        7)  Cush Company
            6.  Galbally Battalion
                        A.  Galbally Company
                        B.  Barna Company
                        C.  Anglesboro Company
                        D.  Ballylanders Company
                        E.  Kilbehenny Company
            East Limerick Flying Column

II.  Mid-Limerick Brigade
            1.  Limerick City Battalion
                        A.  Blackboy Pike Company
                        B.  Rhebogue Company
                        C.  Broad Street Company
                        D.  Thomondgate Company
                        E.  Cary’s Road Company
                        F.  New Street Company
            2.  Castleconnell Battalion
                        A.  Castleconnell Company
                        B.  Ahane Company
                        C.  Murroe Company
                        D.  Cappamore Company
                        E.  Annacotty Company
                        F.  Abington Company
            3.  Adare Battalion
                        A.  Mungret Company
                        B.  Ballybrown Company
                        C.  Patrickswell Company
                        D.  Kildimo Company
                        E.  Adare Company
            4.  Caherconlish Battalion
                        A.  Caherconlish Company
                        B.  Ballybricken Company
                        C.  Fedamore Company
                        D.  Ballyneety Company
                        E.  Killonan Company
                        F.  Croom Company
            Mid-Limerick Flying Column

III.  Mid-Tipperary Brigade
            1.  Thurles Battalion
                        A.  Thurles Company No. 1
                        B.  Thurles Company No. 2
                        C.  Holycross Company
                        D.  Moycarbey Company
                        E.  Boherlahan Company
                        F.  Two Mile Borris Company
                        G.  Gortnahoe Company
                        H.  Glangoole Company
                        I.  The Commons Company
            2.  Templemore Battalion
                        A.  Castleiney Company
                        B.  Templetuohy Company
                        C.  Loughmore Company
                        D.  Moyne Company
                        E.  Clonmore Company
                        F.  Drom Company
                        G.  Templemore Company
                        H.  Killea Company
            3.  Upperchurch Battalion
                        A.  Drombane Company
                        B.  Upperchurch Company
                        C.  Borrisoleigh Company
                        D.  Inch Company
                        E.  Ballycahill Company
                        F.  Inch-Milestone Company
            Mid-Tipperary Flying Column

IV.  South Tipperary Brigade
            1.  Rosegreen Battalion
                        A.  Rosegreen Company
                        B.  Fethard Company
                        C.  Mortlestown Company
                        D.  Newchapel Company
            2.  Cashel Battalion
                        A.  Cashel Company
                        B.  New Inn Company
                        C.  Golden Company
                        D.  Dualla Company
                        E.  Kilfeacle Company
            3.  Dundrum Battalion
                        A.  Knockavilla Company
                        B.  Anacarthy Company
                        C.  Hollyford Company
                        D.  Rosmore Company
                        E.  Clonoulty Company
            4.  Tipperary Town Battalion
                        A.  Tipperary Town Company No. 1
                        B.  Mount Bruis Company
                        C.  Donohill Company
                        E.  Donaskeigh Company
                        F.  Sologhead Company
                        G.  Aherlow Company
                        H.  Bansha Company
                        I.  Kilross Company
                        K.  Lattin Company
                        L.  Tipperary Town Company No. 2
            5.  Clonmel Battalion
                        A.  Clonmel Company
                        B.  Kilsheelan Company
                        C.  Grange Company
                        D.  Newcastle Company
                        E.  Powerstown Company
                        F.  Russelstown Company
                        G.  Kilcash Company
            6.  Cahir Battalion
                        A.  Tincurry Company
                        B.  Ballybacon Company
                        C.  Graigue Company
                        D.  Skeheenarinka Company
                        E.  Garrymore Company
                        F.  Ballyporeen Company
                        G.  Burncourt Company
                        H.  Cahir Company
                        K.  Rehill Company
            7.  Drangan Battalion
                        A.  Drangan Company
                        B.  Ballingarry Company
                        C.  Cloneen Company
                        D.  Killusty Company
                        E.  Moyglass Company
                        F.  Laffansbridge Company
                        G.  Killenaule Company
            8.  Carrick-on-Suir Battalion
                        A.  Carrick-on-Suir Company
                        B.  Faugheen Company
                        C.  Thomastown Company
                        D.  Glenstown Company
                        E.  Clonea Company
                        F.  Rathgormack Company
                        G.  Ballindysart Company
                        H.  Ballyneil Company
                        K.  Killonerry Company
            South Tipperary Flying Column No. 1
            South Tipperary Flying Column No. 2

V.  Kilkenny Brigade
            1.  North Kilkenny Battalion
                        A.  Kilkenny City Company (No. 1)
                        B.  Kilkenny City Company (No. 2)
                        C.  Threecastles Company
                        D.  Outrath Company
                        E.  Ballycallan Company
                        F.  Dunmore Company
            2.  Tullaroan Battalion
                        A.  Tullaroan Company
                        B.  Graine Company
                        C.  Clomantagh Company
                        D.  Urlingford Company
                        E.  Crosspatrick Company
                        F.  Galmoy Company
                        G.  Johnstown Company
                        H.  Freshford Company
                        I.  Gathabawn Company
            3.  Castlecomer Battalion
                        A.  Clogh-The Swan Company (Co. Laois)
                        B.  Crutt Company
                        C.  Ballyouskill Company
                        D.  Castlecomer Company
                        E.  Loon Company
                        F.  Coon Company
                        G.  Ballyraggarty Company
                        H.  Coolbawn Company
                        I.  Conahy Company
                        K.  Muchalee Company
                        L.  Newtown Company (Co. Laois)
            4.  Paulston & Gowron Battalion
                        A.  Clara Company
                        B.  Bawnafea Company
                        C.  Paulstown Company
                        D.  Uppergrange Company
                        E.  Dunbell Company
                        F.  Blanchfield’s Park Company
                        G.  Gowran Company
            5.  Craigh-na-Managh Battalion
                        A.  Graignemanagh Company
                        B.  Raheendonore Company
                        C.  The Rower Company
                        D.  Thomastown Company
                        E.  Inistioge Company
            6.  Tullogher Battalion
                        A.  Tullogher Company
                        B.  Listerlin Company
                        C.  Glenmore Company
                        D.  Slieverue Company
                        E.  Mullinavatt Company
                        F.  Knockmoylan Company
                        G.  Milebush Company
                        H.  Kilmacow Company
                        I.  Mooncoin Company
            7.  Callan Battalion
                        A.  Coolagh Company
                        B.  Mullinahone Company
                        C.  Ahenure Company
                        D.  Ballychoven Company
                        E.  Kilnamanagh Company
                        F.  Ballymuck Company
                        G.  Callan Company
                        Callan Flying Column
            8.  Knocktopher Battalion
                        A.  Hugginstown-Ballyhale Company
                        B.  Dunamaggin Company
                        C.  Templemore Company
                        D.  Tullahaught Company
                        E.  Windgap Company
                        F.  Kilmoganny Company
            9.  Mooncoin Battalion
                        A.  Mooncoin Company
                        B.  Carrigeen Company
                        C.  Clogga Company
                        D.  Kilmacow Company
                        E.  Milltown Company
                        F.  Slieverue Company
            North Kilkenny Flying Column
            South Kilkenny Flying Column

3rd Southern Division

I.  Laois Brigade
            1.  Laois Battalion
                        A.  Ballyroan Company
                        B.  Clonkeen Company
                        C.  Heath Company
                        D.  Lalor’s Mills Company
                        E.  Portlaoise Company
                        F.  Ratheniska Company
                        G.  Raheen Company
                        H.  Straboe Company
                        I.  Pallas Company
            2.  Mountmellick Battalion
                        A.  Clonaslee Company
                        B.  Rosenallis Company
                        C.  Mountmellick Company
                        D.  Clonaghadoo Company
                        E.  Ballyfin Company
            3.  Abbeyleix Battalion
                        A.  Abbeyleix Company
                        B.  Ballacolla Company
                        C.  Clough Company
                        D.  Durrow Company
                        E.  Shanahoe Company
                        F.  Rathdowney Company
                        G.  Ballinakill Company
                        H.  Cullahill Company
                        I.  Ballybrophy Company
                        J.  Clonmeen Company
            4.  Timahoe Battalion
                        A.  Knocklaide Company
                        B.  Timahoe Company
                        C.  Kilcruise Company
                        D.  Luccacurran Company
                        E.  Ballickmoyler Company
                        F.  Wolfhill Company
            5.  Killenard Battalion
                        A.  Killenard Company
                        B.  Portarlington Company
                        C.  Courtwood Company
                        D.  Emo Company
                        E.  Vicarstown Company
            6.  Mountrath Battalion
                        A.  Mountrath Company
                        B.  Castletown Company
                        C.  Camross Company
                        D.  Borris-in-Ossory Company
                        E.  Coolrain Company
                        F.  Killenure Company
                        G.  Kyle (Ballaghmore) Company
            Laois Flying Column

II.  North Offaly Brigade
            1.  Tullamore Battalion
                        1)  Tullamore Company
                        2)  Gurteen Company
                        3)  Killeigh Company
                        4)  Ballycowan Company
                        5)  Kilbeggan Company
                        6)  Durrow-Bracklin Company
            2.  Daingean Battalion
                        A.  Daingean Company
                        B.  Walshisland Company
                        C.  Ballinagar Company
                        D.  Cloneygowan Company
                        E.  Ballycommon Company
                        F.  Geashill Company
            3.  Tyrrellspass Battalion
                        A.  Tyrrellspass Company
                        B.  Killclonfert Company
                        C.  Croghan Company
                        D.  Rhode Company
            4.  Edenderry Battalion
                        A.  Edenderry Company
                        B.  Bracknagh Company
                        C.  Castlejordan Company
                        D.  Rathangan Company
                        1)  Cushina Company
            North Offaly Flying Column

III.  South Offaly Brigade
            1.  Clara Battalion
                        A.  Clara Company
                        B.  Ballycumber Company
                        C.  Rahan Company
                        D.  Pullough Company
            2.  Cloghan Battalion
                        A.  Cloghan Company
                        B.  Banagher Company
                        C.  Ferbane Company
                        D.  Doon Company
                        E.  Shannonbridge Company
                        F.  Moystown Company
            3.  Kilcormac Battalion
                        A.  Killoughey Company
                        B.  Kilcormac Company
                        C.  Kinnitty Company
                        D.  Drumcullen Company
            4.  Birr Battalion
                        A.  Clareen Company
                        B.  Birr Company
                        C.  Coolderry Company
                        D.  Rathcabbin Company

IV.  North Tipperary Brigade
            1.  Nenagh Battalion
                        A.  Nenagh Company
                        B.  Kilruane Company
                        C.  Puckane Company
                        D.  Ballinaclough Company
                        E.  Silvermines Company
            2.  Toomevara Battalion
                        A.  Moneygall Company
                        B.  Toomevara Company
                        C.  Cloughjordan Company
                        D.  Gurtagarry Company
            3.  Portroe (Ballina) Battalion
                        A.  Portroe Company
                        B.  Ballina Company
                        C.  Bushfield Company
                        D.  Ballywilliam Company
                        E.  Ballycommon Company
            4.  Borrisokane Battalion
                        A.  Borrisokane Company
                        B.  Kilbarron Company
                        C.  Terryglass Company
                        D.  Lorrha Company
                        E.  Eglish Company
                        F.  Balingarry Company
            5.  Templederry Battalion
                        A.  Templederry Company
                        B.  Kilcommon Company
                        C.  Foilnamon Company
                        D.  Curreeny Company
                        E.  Killeen Company
            6.  Newport Battalion
                        A.  Newport Company
                        B.  Ballinahinch-Birdhill Company
                        C.  Killoscully Company
                        D.  Knockfune-Lackamore Company
            7.  Roscrea Battalion
                        A.  Roscrea Company
                        B.  Dunkerrin Company
                        C.  Shinrone Company
                        D.  Clonakenny Company
            North Tipperary Flying Column

1st Western Division

I.  East Clare Brigade
            1.  Newmarket-on-Fergus Battalion
                        1)  Carrigarra Company
                        2)  Newmarket-on-Fergus Company
                        3)  Quin Company
                        4)  Clonmoney (Well) Company
                        5)  Sixmilebridge Company
                        6)  Ballycar Company
            2.  Clonlara Battalion
                        1)  Cratloe Company
                        2)  Meelick Company
                        3)  Clonlara Company
                        4)  Truagh Company
                        5)  Oatfield Company
                        6)  Caherdavin Company
            3.  Broadford Battalion
                        A.  Kilbane Company
                        B.  Bridgetown Company
                        C.  Garrenboy Company
                        D.  Ogonelloe Company
                        1)  Broadford Company
            4.  Tuamgraney Battalion
                        A.  Cahirhurley Company
                        B.  O’Gonnelloe Company
                        C.  Scariff Company
                        D.  Cooleenbridge Company
                        E.  Mountshannon Company
            5.  Bodyke Battalion
                        A.  Kilkishen Company
                        B.  O’Callaghan’s Mills Company
                        C.  Bodyke Company
                        D.  Tulla Company
                        E.  Glendree Company
                        F.  Knockjames Company
            6.  Feakle Battalion
                        1)  Feakle Company
                        2)  Annaghneale Company
                        3)  Killanena Company
                        4)  Flagmount Company
                        5)  Cahir Company
                        6)  Dromandoona Company
            East Clare Flying Column

II.  Mid-Clare Brigade
            1.  Ennis Battalion
                        A.  Crusheen Company
                        B.  Barefield Company
                        C.  Ballinruan Company
                        D.  Clooney Company
                        E.  Ennis Company
                        F.  Doora Company
            2.  Daragh Battalion
                        A.  Ballyea Company
                        B.  Inch Company
                        C.  Connolly Company
                        D.  Lissycasey Company
                        E.  Ballycorrick Company
                        F.  Kilmaley Company
                        G.  Clarecastle Company
            3.  Corofin Battalion
                        A.  Kilnamona Company
                        B.  Ruan Company
                        C.  Kilseedy Company
                        D.  Dysart Company
                        E.  Rath Company
                        F.  Corofin Company
                        G.  Kilnaboy Company
            4.  Ennistymon Battalion
                        A.  Ennistymon Company
                        B.  Inagh Company
                        C.  Lavareen Company
                        D.  Lahinch Company
                        E.  Moy Company
                        F.  Glendine Company
                        G.  Miltown Malbay Company
                        H.  Letterkelly Company
                        J.  Ballyea Company
            5.  Kilfenora Battalion
                        A,  Kilfenora Company
                        B.  Clouna Company
                        C.  Liscannor Company
                        D.  Ballyculliney Company
                        E.  Moymore Company
                        F.  Doolin Company
                        G.  Kilshanny Company
                        1)  Kilnaboy Outpost
            6.  Ballyvaughan Battalion
                        A.  Ballyvaughan-Noughaville Company
                        B.  Carron, Murrough Company
                        C.  Toovahera Company
                        D.  Ballinalacken Company
                        E.  Lisdoonvarna Company
                        F.  New Quay Company
            Mid-Clare Flying Column

III.  West Clare Brigade
            1.  Cranny Battalion
                        A.  Coolmeen Company
                        B.  Kildysart Company
                        C.  Cranny Company
                        D.  Labasheeda Company
            2.  Knockerra Battalion
                        A.  Knockerra Company
                        B.  Kilmurray McMahon Company
                        C.  Kilmihill Company
                        D.  Glenmore Company
                        E.  Killimer Company
                        F.  Kilrush Company
            3.  Cooraclare Battalion
                        A.  Cooraclare Company
                        B.  Monmore Company
                        C.  Cree Company
                        D.  Doonbeg Company
                        E.  Bealaha Company
                        F.  Clohanmore Company
            4.  Kilmurry Battalion
                        A.  Mullagh Company
                        B.  Coore Company
                        C.  Knocknahilla Company
                        D.  Kilmurry Company
                        E.  Quilty Company
            5.  Carrigaholt Battalion
                        A.  Carrigaholt Company
                        B.  Kilkee Company
                        C.  Kilferagh Company
                        D.  Doonaha-Querin Company
                        E.  Moveen Company
                        F.  Cross Company
                        G.  Lisdeen Company
                        H.  Kilbaha Company

IV.  Galway South-East (Ballinasloe, East Galway) Brigade
            1.  Loughrea Battalion
                        1)  New Inn Company
                        2)  Closetoken Company
                        3)  Kilnadeema Company
                        4)  Loughrea Company
                        5)  Bullaun Company
                        6)  Kilrickle Company
                        7)  Kilchreest Company
                        8)  Mullagh Company
            2.  Portumna Battalion
                        1)  Portumna Company
                        2)  Tynagh Company
                        3)  Tiernascragh Company
                        4)  Ballinakill Company
                        5)  Kilmeen Company
                        6)  Leitrim Company
                        7)  Duniry Company
                        8)  Woodford Company
                        9)  Abbey Company
                        10)  Killimor Company
            3.  Ballinasloe Battalion
                        1)  Cappatagle Company
                        2)  Aughrim Company
                        3)  Ballinasloe Company
                        4)  Clontuskert Company
                        5)  Kiltormer Company
                        6)  Laurencetown Company
                        7)  Clonfert Company

V.  Galway South-West Brigade
            1.  Gort Battalion
                        1)  Peterswell Company
                        2)  Kilbracanty Company
                        3)  Beagh Company
                        4)  Derrybrien Company
                        5)  Gort Company
            2.  Ardrahan Battalion
                        1)  Kinvara Company
                        2)  Ballinderreen Company
                        3)  Ardrahan Company
                        4)  Kilmacduagh Company
                        5)  Killartan Company
            3.  Athenry Battalion
                        1)  Athenry Company
                        2)  Craughwell Company
                        3)  Maree-Oranmore Company
                        4)  Kilconieran Company
                        5)  Killimor Daly Company
                        6)  Claranbridge Company

VI.  South Mayo Brigade
            1.  Cross Battalion
                        1)  Cross Company
                        2)  Neale Company
                        3)  Clonbur Company
                        4)  Kilmaine Company
                        5)  Shrule Company
                        6)  Carras Company
                        7)  Thomastown Company
            2.  Ballinrobe Battalion
                        1)  Ballinrobe Company
                        2)  Clonacastle Company
                        3)  Robeen Company
                        4)  Partry Company
                        5)  Seah Company
                        6)  Loughmask Company
                        7)  Holymount Company
            3.  Claremorris Battalion
                        1)  Claremorris Company
                        2)  Ballyglass Company
                        3)  Irishtown Company
                        4)  Carramore Company
                        5)  Ballindine Company
                        6)  Kilcolman Company
                        7)  Murneen Company
                        8)  Crossboyne Company
                        9)  Ballygown Company
            4.  Balla Battalion
                        1)  Balla Company
                        2)  Ballyglass Company
                        3)  Belcarra Company
                        4)  Mayo Abbey Company
                        5)  Tavanagh Company
            South Mayo Flying Column

VII.  North Galway Brigade
            1.  Tuam Battalion
                        1)  Barnaderg Company
                        2)  Tuam Company
                        3)  Cortoon Company
                        4)  Sylaune Company
                        5)  Corofin Company
                        6)  Abbeyknockmoy Company
                        7)  Milltown Company
                        8)  Belmont Company
                        9)  Gardenfield Company
                        10)  Kilconly Company
            2.  Dunmore Battalion
                        1)  Dunmore Company
                        2)  Kilterna Company
                        3)  Williamstown Company
                        4)  Kilcroom Company
                        5)  Glynsk Company
                        6)  Kilbegnet Company
                        7)  Kilkerrin Company
                        8)  Clonberne Company
                        9)  Glenamaddy Company
                        10)  Pollredmond Company
            North Galway Flying Column

VIII.  South Roscommon Brigade
            1.  Castlerea Battalion
                        1)  Loughglynn Company
                        2)  Ballinagar Company
                        3)  Moore Company
                        4)  Cloonbonniffe Company
                        5)  Trien Company
                        6)  Cloonfad Company
                        7)  Castlerea Company
                        8)  Ballinlough Company
                        9)  Gorthaganny Company
            2.  Oran Battalion
                        A.  Cloverhill Company
                        B.  Ballinahiglish Company
                        C.  Castleplunket Company
                        D.  Fuerty Company
                        E.  Donamon Company
                        F.  Ballintubber Company
            3.  Roscommon Battalion
                        A.  Athleague Company
                        B.  Roscommon Company
                        C.  Kilteeran Company
                        D.  Cloontuskert Company
                        E.  Kilgefin Company
                        F.  Kilbride Company
            4.  Knockcroghery Battalion
                        A.  Knockcroghery Company
                        B.  St. John’s Company
                        C.  Rahara Company
                        D.  Curraghboy Company
                        E.  Lisvara Company
                        F.  Dysart Company
                        G.  Kiltoom Company
                        H.  Ballygar Company

IX.  Mid-Galway Brigade
            1.  Castlegar Battalion
                        1)  Castlegar Company
                        2)  Galway City Company
                        3)  Derrydonnell Company
                        4)  Newcastle Company
                        5)  Cregmore Company
                        6)  Cussaune Company
                        7)  Monivea Company
            2.  Claregalway Battalion
                        1)  Claregalway Company
                        2)  Annaghdown A Company
                        3)  Annaghdown B Company
                        4)  Kilcoona Company
            3.  Headford Battalion
                        1)  Clooneen Company
                        2)  Claran Company
                        3)  Caherlistrane Company

Mount Bellew Independent Battalion
            1)  Menlough Company
            2)  Caltra Company
            3)  Newbridge Company
            4)  Ballymacward Company
            5)  Gurteen Company
            6)  Skehanagh Company
            7)  Ballinamore Company
            8)  Mount Bellew Company

2nd Western Division

I.  Sligo Brigade
            1.  Sligo Battalion
                        A.  Sligo Town Company
                        B.  Calry Company
                        C.  Cararoe Company
                        D.  Kilmacowen Company
            2.  Grange Battalion
                        A.  Grange Company
                        B.  Drumcliffe Company
                        C.  Magherow Company
                        D.  Ballintrillick Company
                        E.  Glenade Company
                        F.  Rosses Point Company
                        G.  Cliffoney Company
            3.  Ballymote Battalion
                        A.  Ballymote Company
                        B.  Keash Company
                        C.  Culfadda Company
                        D.  Kilavil Company
                        E.  Bunnmadden Company
                        F.  Emlaughton Company
                        G.  Kilcreevan Company
                        H.  Ballinafad Company
                        1)  Derroon Half-Company
            4.  Gurteen Battalion
                        1)  Gurteen Company
                        2)  Cloonloo Company
                        3)  Kilaraght Company
                        4)  Monasteraden Company
                        5)  Edmondstown Company
                        6)  Towninadden Company
            5.  Riverstown Battalion
                        1)  Riverstown Company
                        2)  St. James’ Well (Curry) Company
                        3)  Gleann Company
                        4)  Geevagh Company
                        5)  Ballyrush Company
                        6)  Highwood Company
                        7)  Sooey Company
                        8)  Glen Arigna Company
            6.  Tubbercurry Battalion
                        A.  Tubbercurry Company
                        B.  Cloonaughill Company
                        C.  Cully Company
                        D.  Curry Company
                        E.  Cashill Company
                        F.  Cloonacool Company
                        G.  Tourlestrane Company
                        H.  Aclare Company
                        I.  Mullinabreena Company
                        J.  Achonry Company
                        K.  Moylough Company
                        L.  Glenesk Company
            7.  Collooney Battalion
                        A.  Collooney Company
                        B.  Coolaney Company
                        C.  Ballisodare Company
                        D.  Carrick Bannagher Company
                        E.  Ballygawley Company
                        F.  Ballinacarrow Company
                        G.  Screen-Dromard Company
                        H.  Templeboy Company
            8.  Ballintogher Battalion
                        1)  Ballintogher Company
                        2)  Dromahair Company
                        3)  Newtownmanor Company
                        4)  Ballinagar Company
                        5)  Greaghnafarna Company
                        6)  Killavoggy Company
                        7)  Glenn Company
            9.  Killargue Battalion
                        1)  Killargue Company
                        2)  Glencar Company
                        3)  Ballaghameehan Company
                        4)  Duagh Company
                        5)  Mullies Company
                        6)  Manorhamilton Company
                        7)  Glenfarne Company
                        8)  Kiltyclogher Company
            10.  Bundoran Battalion
                        A.  Bundoran Company
                        B.  Kinlough Company
                        C.  Tullaghan Company

II.  North Roscommon Brigade
            1.  Byle Battalion
                        A.  Boyle Company
                        B.  Doon Company
                        C.  Ballinameen Company
                        D.  Beedogue Company
                        E.  Fairmount Company
                        1)  Frenchpark Outpost          
            2.  Elphin Battalion
                        A.  Ballyroddy-Mantua Company
                        B.  Killina Company
                        C.  Tulsk Company
                        D.  Creeve Company
                        E.  Elphin Company
                        1)  Aughrim Company
            3.  Strokestown Battalion
                        A.  Carniska Company
                        B.  Curraghroe Company
                        C.  Scramogue Company
                        D.  Tarmonbary Company
                        E.  Slatta Company
                        F.  Ruskey Company
                        G.  Kilglass Company
                        H.  Kilrustan Company
                        I.  Strokestown Outpost
                        J.  Cloonfree Company
            4.  Arigna Battalion
                        1)  Arigna Company
                        2)  Ballyfaran Company
                        3)  Crossna Company
                        4)  Keadue Company
                        5)  Cootehall Company
            5.  Aughrim Battalion
                        A.  Kilmore Company
                        B.  Drumlion Company
                        C.  Croghan Company
                        D.  Cootehall Company
                        E.  Drumboylan Company

III.  East Mayo Brigade
            1.  Swinford Battalion
                        A.  Swinford Company
                        B.  Barnalyra Company
                        C.  Charlestown Company
                        D.  Tumgesh Company
                        E.  Killasser Company
                        F.  Meelic Company
                        G.  Tullinacurra Company
            2.  Ballaghaderreen Battalion
                        1)  Carracastle Company
                        2)  Derrinacartha Company
                        3)  Roosky Company
                        4)  Doocastle Company
                        5)  Lavey Company
                        6)  Cloontia Company
                        7)  Brusna Company
                        8)  Sinolane Company
                        9)  Tibokine Company
                        10)  Aughalistia Company
                        11)  Liscaul Company
                        12)  Edmondstown Company
            3.  Kiltimagh Battalion
                        A.  Kiltimagh Company
                        B.  Bohola Company
                        C.  Ballinamore Company
                        D.  Kilkelly Company
                        E.  Aghalestia Company
                        F.  Freenegleragh Company
            4.  Ballyhuanis Battalion
                        1)  Bekan Company
                        2)  Logboy Company
                        3)  Knock Company
                        4)  Crossard Company
                        5)  Brackloon Company
                        6)  Aghamore Company
                        7)  Coolnafarna Company
                        8)  Ballyhaunis Company
                        9)  Holywell Company

3rd Western Division
(Not organized before the Truce, nor were any of the units within it)

4th Western Division

I.  West Mayo Brigade
            1.  Castlebar Battalion
                        A.  Castlebar No. 1 Company
                        B.  Ballyheane Company
                        C.  Islandneady Company
                        D.  Glenisland Company
                        E.  Crimlin Company
                        F.  Ballyvarey Company
                        G.  Ballintubber Company
                        H.  Burren Company
                        I.  Breaghy Company
                        J.  Castlebar No. 2 Company
            2.  Newport (Kilmeena) Battalion
                        A.  Kilmeena Company
                        B.  Brockagh Company
                        C.  Newport Company
                        D.  Glenhest Company
                        E.  Shramore Company
                        F.  Tiernaur Company
                        G.  Mallaranny Company
                        H.  Ballycarry Company
                        K.  Achill Company
                        1)  Dooninver Company
                        2)  Keel Company
                        3)  Cashel Company
                        4)  Dooega Company
                        5)  Dooagh Company
                        6)  Cloughmore Company
                        7)  Doohinela Company
                        Newport Flying Column
            3.  Westport Battalion
                        A.  Westport Company
                        B.  Owenween Company
                        C.  Belclare Company
                        D.  Couslough Company
                        E.  Derrygorman Company
                        F.  Killavalla Company
                        G.  Murrisk Company
                        H.  Aughagower Company
                        Westport Flying Column
            4.  Louisburg Battalion
                        A.  Louisburgh Company
                        B.  Killeen Company
                        C.  Achonry Company
                        D.  Lecanvey Company
                        E.  Culleen Company
                        F.  Tully Company
                        Louisburg Flying Column
            West Mayo Flying Column

II.  North Mayo Brigade
            1.  Ballina Battalion
                        1)  Ballina Company
                        2)  Bonniconlon Company
                        3)  Knockmore Company
                        4)  Rehins Company
                        5)  Breaffy Company
                        6)  Attymass Company
                        7)  Ballysokeery Company
            2.  Foxford Battalion
                        A.  Foxford Company
                        B.  Culmore Company
                        C.  Straide Company
                        D.  Callow Company
                        E.  Shraheen Company
                        F.  Attymachugh Company
            3.  Ballycastle Battalion
                        A.  Ballycastle Company
                        B.  Lacken Company
                        C.  Moygownagh Company
                        D.  Killala Company
                        E.  Kilfian Company
            4.  Crossmolina Battalion
                        A.  Crossmolina Company
                        B.  Lahardane Company
                        C.  Keenagh Company
                        D.  Rakestreet Company
                        E.  Ardagh Company
                        1)  Eskragh Company
            5.  Corballa Battalion
                        A.  Castleconnor (Corballa) Company
                        B.  Enniscrone Company
                        C.  Culleens Company
                        D.  Easkey Company
                        E.  Dromore West Company
                        F.  Corembla Company
            6.  Doohoma Battalion
                        1)  Doohoma Company
                        2)  Geesala Company
                        3)  Dooyork Company
                        4)  Doolough Company
                        5)  Shraigh Company
                        6)  Bangor Company
                        7)  Curranboy (Carrateigue) Company
                        8)  Glenamoy Company
            7.  Bellmullett Battalion
                        A.  Bellmullet Company
                        B.  Barhane Company
                        C.  Corclough Company
                        D.  Binghamstown Company
                        E.  Tirrane Company
                        F.  Carramore Company
                        G.  Gortmelia Company
                        H.  Pullathomas Company
                        I.  Foxpoint Company
            North Mayo Flying Column No. 1
            North Mayo Flying Column No. 2

III.  West Connemara Brigade
            1.  Leeane Battalion
                        A.  Leenane Company
                        B.  Cornamone Company
                        C.  Cloughbrack Company
                        D.  Finny Company
                        E.  Lettergesk Company
                        1)  Kilmilken Company
            2.  Rossmuck Battalion
                        1)  Rossmuck Company
                        2)  Carraroe Company
                        3)  Lettermore Company
                        4)  Tiernea Company
                        5)  Ballinakill Company
                        6)  Lettermullen Company
                        7)  Clynagh Company
                        8)  Camus Company
                        9)  Kilkerrin Company
            3.  Roundstone Battalion
                        A.  Roundstone Company
                        B.  Carna Company
                        C.  Cashel Company
                        D.  Recess Company
                        E.  Calla Company
            4.  Clifden Battalion
                        A.  Clifden Company
                        B.  Cleggan Company
                        C.  Ballinakill Company
                        D.  Inisbofin Company
                        E.  Tullycross Company
                        F.  Letterfrack Company
            West Connemara Flying Column
                        North Section
                        South Section

IV.  East Connemara Brigade
            1.  Spiddal Battalion
                        1)  Barna Company
                        2)  Furbough Company
                        3)  Spiddal Company
                        4)  Knock Company
            2.  Inverin Battalion
                        1)  Rossaveal Company
                        2)  Tully Company
                        3)  Minna & Inverin Company
                        4)  Cornarone Company
            3.  Moycullen Battalion
                        A.  Moycullen Company
                        B.  Oughterard Company
                        C.  Killanin-Rosscahill Company
                        D.  Bushypark Company

1st Scottish Division

I.  Glasgow Brigade
            1.  Glasgow Battalion
                        1)  North West Glasgow Company
                        2)  Bridgeton Company
                        3)  Govan Company
                        4)  Baillieston Company
                        5)  Uddingston Company
                        6)  Clydebank Company
                        7)  Anderson Company
                        8)  Cambuslang Company
            2.  Motherwell Battalion
                        1)  Motherwell Company
                        2)  Wishaw Company
                        3)  Craigneuk Company
                        4)  Hamilton Company
                        5)  Blantyre Company
                        6)  Bellshill Company
                        7)  Mossend Company
                        8)  Burnbank Company
            3.  Falkirk Battalion
                        1) Falkirk Company
                        2)  Denny Company
                        3)  Stirling Company
            4.  Fife Battalion
                        1)  Greenock No. 1 Company
                        2)  Greenock No. 2 Company
                        3)  Gourack Company
                        4)  Port Glasgow Company
            5.  Dumbarton Battalion
                        1)  Dumbarton Company
                        2)  Dalmuir Company
                        3)  Alexandria Company
                        4)  Renton Company
II.  Dundee Brigade
            1.  Dundee Battalion Company
                        1)  Dundee Company
                        2)  Buckhaven Company
                        3)  Lochore Company
                        4)  Methill Company
                        5)  Newmills Company
                        6)  Lochgelly Company
            2.  Edinburgh Battalion
                        1)  Edinburgh Company
                        2)  Leith Company
                        3)  Portebello Company
                        4)  Broxburn Company
                        5)  Linlithgow Company
                        6)  Winchburgh Company
                        7)  Bonnybridge Company

English Battalions
(“Overseas Division”)

London Battalion
(company strength)

Mancester Battalion
            Company No. 1
            Company No. 2

Liverpool Battalion
            Company No. 1, Bootle
            Company No. 2, Liverpool
            Company No. 3, Birkenhead
            Company No. 4, St. Helen’s Bay
            Company No. 5, Earlstown
            Company No. 6, Wigan
            Company No. 7, Preston
            Manchester Special Services Unit

Tyneside Battalion
            A.  Jarrow Company
            B.  Hebburn Company
            C.  Newcastle-on-Tyne Company
            D.  Wallsend Company
            E.  Bedlington Company
            F.  Consett Company
            G.  Stockton-on-Tees Company
            H.  Chester-le-Street Company
            I.  Thornley-Wheathill Company
            J.  Sunderland Company


Jim Larkin, James Connolly, and Jack White of the Irish Transport and General Workers Union (ITGWU) organized the Irish Citizen Army (ICA) in the aftermath of the Great Dublin Lockout of 1913 as a vehicle for worker self-defence during strikes and other actions.  Dissension among its members, particularly the leadership, broke out almost immediately over the relationship of some memers with the Irish National Volunteer Force, one that grew worse after the split of the latter in 1914.

In the Easter Rising of 1916, the membership of the ICA was, at least on paper, rolled into the Army of the Irish Republic along with the Irish Volunteers, the Cumann na mBan, the Fianna Eireann, and the Hibernian Rifles.  In practice, however, the ICA units, which included women in combat positions (most notably its de facto field commander, Constance Markievicz), fought separately in most instances, the attempted storming of Dublin Castle by a combined force of Volunteers and ICA being a striking exception.

The core of the Irish Citizen Army was its Dublin Regiment, subdivided into three battalions: 

No. 1:  City Battalion
No. 2:  North County Battalion
No. 3:  South County Battalion. 

Each of these three battalions further broke down into half-companies.

Outside of Dublin, but still on its outskirts, units of ICA were:

Sligo Company
Balbriggan Company
Lucan Company
Clondalkin Company
Terenure Company
Swords Company
Finglas Company
Coolock Company
Kinsealy Company
Baldoyle Company

How many of these outlying unit remained organized after the Easter Rising is anyone’s guess, though it would be a good bet that many dissolved when their members joined the Volunteers in the lead up to the war.

Between the Rising and the War of Independence, efforts of varying success were made to organize ICA units in Cork, Derry, Drogheda, Monaghan, and Glasgow.  We know the effort in Derry failed because that is what made Peadar O’Donnell decide to join the Volunteers, where he rose to brigadier.

Women’s Section

Though even Connolly himself referred to the womens section of the Citizen Army, in practice the members of the organization were fully integrated.  The ICA did, however, have close relations with the Irish Women Workers Union (IWWU), an offshoot of the Irish Transport and General Workers Union (ITGWU), which came to function much like the CMB (see below) for the Irish Volunteers.  After the Easter Rising, however, the IWWU reorganized as a separate union in its own right.

Irish Citizen Scouts Corps

Despite the fact that Constance Markievicz herself was one of the founders of Fianna Eireann, the ICA established its own scout corps for youth, with a socialist as well as nationalist direction.


The Cumann na mBan was founded in 1913, the same night as the inauguration of the Irish National Volunteer Force.  It was a women’s nationalist organization that during the War of Independence became an auxilary to the IRA.  The year after its founding, CMB absorbed the earlier Inghinidhe na hEireann, found by Maud Gonne in 1900.

In its resurgence after the Rising, the CMB organized in structures parallel to those of the IRA, ideally (but not always in practice) matching brigade for brigade, district for battalion, and branch for company.  Were the records of the Irish Defense Forces as complete for CMB as they are for IRA, I would list them all.  Since they are not, however, I will select the testimony of one individual, Maire Bean Mhic Gilla Padraig, Adjutant of the North Wexford Brigade of CMB, about what a fully-developed CMB structure looked like.

I.  North Wexford Brigade Area (CMB)
            1.  District No. 1
                        Ballindaggin Branch
                        Ballycarney Branch
                        Marshallstown Branch
                        Kiltealy Branch
                        Kilmyshall Branch
                        Bunclody Branch
                        Enniscorty No. 1 Branch
                        Blackwater Branch
            2.  District No. 2
                        Rathnure Branch
                        Poulpeasty Branch
                        Enniscorty No. 2 Branch
                        Caim Branch
                        Killane Branch
                        Clonroche Branch
            3.  District No. 3
                        Ferns Branch
                        Clonee Branch
                        Camolin Branch
                        Ballygarrett Branch
                        Kilanerin Branch
                        Riverchapel Branch
                        Gorey Branch
                        Boolavogue Branch
                        Monageer Branch
                        Castletown Branch
            4.  District No. 4
                        Carnew Branch
                        Askamore Branch
                        Cranford Branch

The West Connemara Brigade Area, by contrast, had just three sub-units:  Clifden Branch, Ballinafad Branch, and Letterfrack Branch.

The records for CMB can be found here:  http://www.militaryarchives.ie/collections/online-collections/military-service-pensions-collection/search-the-collection/organisation-and-membership/cumann-na-mban-series

Clan na Gael

Sponsored by the Cumann na mBan, this association was the counterpart for young and adolescent girls to the Na Fianna Eireann, which had resisted their inclusion.  Much different than the same-named covert organization based in America, it was an Irish republican version of Girl Scouts founded in 1910 under the aegis of Inghinidhe na h√Čireann, a nationalist group for women that preceded and merged into CMB.


Established in 1909 by Bulmer Hobson of the Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB; a much different entity than the IRA) and Constance Markievicz by combining his earlier Fianna, founded in 1902 to promote hurley, and the Red Branch Knights unit of the Irish National Boy Scouts, resulting in the latter organization changing its name nationwide.  The Fianna became a feeder group for both the IRB and later the Irish Volunteers.  Beside nationalism and romantic history, much of their activities included military-like training.  Fianna units served at all of the locations during the Easter Rising, and it was, in fact, Fianna members who fired the first shots.

During the Wars, they served in every brigade area, and their structure mirrored that of the IRA (as they were by then called).


Founded in 1858 by John O’Mahony, the IRB operated as a clandestine oath-bound secret organization supporting Irish nationalism that worked behind the scenes in the early 20th century to manipulate rising nationalist sentiment into achieving what that sentiment called for.  All the leaders of the Easter Rising and nearly all those of the War of Independence were IRB members. 

With one dissenting vote, its board voted to dissolve in 1924, declaring its purpose complete in the treaty which established the Irish Free State, whose name in Gaelic, Soarstat Eireann, was exactly the same as the term for “Republic of Ireland” declared at the GPO in 1916.


Before returning to Ireland to found IRB, O’Mahony had earlier that year established in America the Fenian Brotherhood, for which IRB was the Irish sister group, with Michael Dohen and James Stephens.  It is from the FB that Irish nationalists, of the “physical force” tradition in particular, get the moniker “Fenians”.  The FB split hopelessly into three different factions in the aftermath of the invasions of Canada of 1866-1867.  There were three of these, all under name which may sound familiar:  “Army of the Irish Republic”.

To replace their disfunctional sister organization, the IRB influenced the Irish-American community to organize the Clan na Gael, beginning in 1867.  In 1877 when John Devoy led CNG, the IRB embraced it as a sister organization.

The FB dissolved itself in 1880.

To coordinate activities between the two, a Revolutionary Council was established under the by now familiar name of, once again, “Army of the Irish Republic”, with three representatives of the IRB, three of the CNG, and one from the Irish community in Australia.

Through this partnership, operatives of both groups could criss-cross the Atlantic knowing they would find a home across the ocean.  Even the Australian community played a part, as when Devoy and John O’Reilly smuggled a six OTR Fenians prison escapees there aboard the American whaling ship SS Catalpa.

Like the IRB, the “official” CNG, the Devoy wing at least, voted to dissolve in 1924, but the rival Reorganized CNG under Joe McGarrity remained and partnered with the “new” Irish Republican Army, now a clandestine group much like the IRB, in 1927.