15 March 2012

Bosnia Deja Vu (poem)

(I first wrote the following poem in anger at then new neoliberal president Bill Clinton's reneging on his promise to intervene in the Balkans to stop the mass murder, rape, and plunder of the Muslims in Bosnia.  I am posting it today on the first anniversary of the uprising in Syria in protest against the world's abandonment of the Syrian people to Assad's machine of murder, rape, and plunder while dithering among themselves.)


nero sits
in his white house
eating big macs
and playing the sax
while adolf
in munich
dances a jig

rachel stands alone
by the world
for her children

like an audience
at the coliseum
watching gladiators fight
the world waits
for her children to die

with pilate
we wash our hands
our innocence

wearing his tefllin
hangs naked
on the cross
besides kitty's grave
a six-pointed yellow star
tattooed to his breast

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