28 February 2018

ST:DS9, a Chronology of the Series and its Relaunch

This is my chronology for the TV best series of the Star Trek, including episodes of its predecessor which give some background for the story and its relaunch in books, comics, and ebooks after the series ended.


“Prequel” episodes in the immediately preceding iteration of Star Trek that provide a set up for the story in the main series addressed here.  These are essential viewing, especially for those who have not seen Star Trek: The Next Generation or who have not seen it in a long time.

ST:TNG s03e25/s04e01 “The Best of Both Worlds

ST:TNG s04e012 “The Wounded”

ST:TNG s05e03 “Ensign Ro”

ST:TNG s06e10e11 “The Chain of Command”


The episodes of the greatest incarnation of the Star Trek franchise, with the episodes of the core series, crossover episodes with Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager, and one comic book story, because you can never have enough tribbles.

Season 1

ST:DS9 s01e01e02 “Emissary”
ST:DS9 s01e03 “Past Prologue”
ST:DS9 s01e04 “A Man Alone”
ST:DS9 s01e05 “Babel”
ST:DS9 s01e06 “Captive Pursuit”
ST:DS9 s01e07 “Q-Less”
ST:DS9 s01e08 “Dax”
ST:DS9 s01e09 “The Passenger”
ST:DS9 s01e10 “Move Along Home”

ST:TNG s06e16e17 “Birthright”

ST:DS9 s01e11 “The Nagus”
ST:DS9 s01e12 “Vortex”
ST:DS9 s01e13 “Battle Lines”
ST:DS9 s01e14 “The Storyteller”
ST:DS9 s01e15 “Progress”
ST:DS9 s01e16 “If Wishes Were Horses”
ST:DS9 s01e17 “The Forsaken”
ST:DS9 s01e18 “Dramatis Personae”
ST:DS9 s01e19 “Duet”
ST:DS9 s01e20 “In the Hands of the Prophets”

Season 2

ST:DS9 s02e01 “Homecoming”
ST:DS9 s02e02 “The Circle”
ST:DS9 s02e03 “The Siege”
ST:DS9 s02e04 “Invasive Procedures”
ST:DS9 s02e05 “Cardassians”
ST:DS9 s02e06 “Melora”
ST:DS9 s02e07 “Rules of Acquisition”
ST:DS9 s02e08 “NecessaryEvil”
ST:DS9 s02e09 “Second Sight”
ST:DS9 s02e10 “Sanctuary”
ST:DS9 s02e11 “Rivals”
ST:DS9 s02e12 “The Alternate”
ST:DS9 s02e13 “Armageddon Game”
ST:DS9 s02e14 “Whispers”

ST:TNG s07e15 “Lower Decks”

ST:DS9 s02e15 “Paradise”
ST:DS9 s02e16 “Shadowplay”
ST:DS9 s02e17 “Playing God”
ST:DS9 s02e18 “Profit and Losse”
ST:DS9 s02e19 “Blood Oath”

ST:TNG s07e20 “Journey’s End”

ST:DS9 s02e2e21 “The Maquis”

ST:TNG s07e21 “Firstborn”

ST:DS9 s02e22 “The Wire”
ST:DS9 s02e23 “Crossover”

ST:TNG s07e24 “Preemptive Strike”

ST:DS9 s02e24 “The Collaborator”
ST:DS9 s02e25 “Tribunal”
ST:DS9 s02e25 “The Jem’Hadar”

Season 3

ST:DS9 s03e01e02 “The Search”

Star Trek: Vulcan’s Legacy (e-book)

ST:DS9 s03e03 “The House of Quark”
ST:DS9 s03e04 “Equilibrium”
ST:DS9 s03e05 “Second Skin”
ST:DS9 s03e06 “The Abandoned”
ST:DS9 s03e07 “Civil Defense”
ST:DS9 s03e08 “Meridian”
ST:DS9 s03e09 “Defiant”
ST:DS9 s03e10 “Fascination”
ST:DS9 s03e11e12 “Past Tense”

ST:VOY s01e01e02 “Caretaker”

ST:DS9 s03e13 “Life Support”
ST:DS9 s03e14 “Heart of Stone”
ST:DS9 s03e15 “Destiny”
ST:DS9 s03e16 “Prophet Motive”
ST:DS9 s03e17 “Visionary”
ST:DS9 s03e18 “Distant Voices”
ST:DS9 s03e19 “Through the Looking Glass”
ST:DS9 s03e20 “Improbable Cause”
ST:DS9 s03e21 “The Die is Cast”
ST:DS9 s03e22 “Explorers”
ST:DS9 s03e23 “Family Business”
ST:DS9 s03e24 “Shakaar”
ST:DS9 s03e25 “Facets”
ST:DS9 s03e26 “The Adversary”

Season 4

ST:DS9 s04e01e02 “The Way of the Warrior”
ST:DS9 s04e03 “The Visitor”
ST:DS9 s04e04 “Hippocratic Oath”
ST:DS9 s04e05 “Indsicretion”
ST:DS9 s04e06 “Rejoined”
ST:DS9 s04e07 “Starship Down”
ST:DS9 s04e08 “Little Green Men”
ST:DS9 s04e09 “The Sword of Kahless”
ST:DS9 s04e10 “Our Man Bashir”
ST:DS9 s04e11 “Homefront”
ST:DS9 s04e12 “Paradise Lost”
ST:DS9 s04e13 “Crossfire”
ST:DS9 s04e14 “Return to Grace”
ST:DS9 s04e15 “Sons of Mogh”
ST:DS9 s04e16 “Bar Association”
ST:DS9 s04e17 “Accesion”
ST:DS9 s04e18 “Rules of Engagement”
ST:DS9 s04e19 “Hard Time”
ST:DS9 s04e20 “Shattered Mirror”
ST:DS9 s04e21 “Muse”
ST:DS9 s04e22 “For the Cause”
ST:DS9 s04e23 “To the Death”
ST:DS9 s04e24 “The Quickening”
ST:DS9 s04e25 “Body Parts”
ST:DS9 s04e26 “Broken Link”

Season 5

ST:DS9 s05e01 “Apocalypse Rising”
ST:DS9 s05e02 “The Ship”
ST:DS9 s05e03 “Looking for par’Mach in All the Wrong Places”
ST:DS9 s05e04 “…Nor the Battle to the Strong”
ST:DS9 s05e05 “The Assignment”
ST:DS9 s05e06 “Trials and Tribble-ations”

ST DS9 #14: “Nobody Knows the Tribble I’ve Seen” (comic)

ST:DS9 s05e07 “Let He Who is Without Sin…”
ST:DS9 s05e08 “Things Past”
ST:DS9 s05e09 “The Ascent”
ST:DS9 s05e10 “Rapture”
ST:DS9 s05e11 “The Darkness and the Light”
ST:DS9 s05e12 “The Begotten”
ST:DS9 s05e13 “For the Uniform”
ST:DS9 s05e14 “In Purgatory’s Shadow”
ST:DS9 s05e15 “By Inferno’s Light”
ST:DS9 s05e16 “Dr. Bashir, I Presume?”
ST:DS9 s05e17 “A Simple Investigation”
ST:DS9 s05e18 “Business as Usual”
ST:DS9 s05e19 “Ties of Blood and Waters”
ST:DS9 s05e20 “Ferengi Love Songs”
ST:DS9 s05e21 “Soldiers of the Empire”
ST:DS9 s05e22 “Children of Time”
ST:DS9 s05e23 “Blaze of Glory”
ST:DS9 s05e24 “Empok Nor”
ST:DS9 s05e25 “In the Cards”
ST:DS9 s05e26 “Call to Arms”

Season 6

ST:DS9 s06e01 “A Time to Stand”
ST:DS9 s06e02 “Rocks and Shoals”
ST:DS9 s06e03 “Sons and Daughters”
ST:DS9 s06e04 “Behind the Lines”
ST:DS9 s06e05 “Fortunes Favors the Bold”
ST:DS9 s06e06 “Sacrifice of Angels”
ST:DS9 s06e07 “You Are Cordially Invited…”
ST:DS9 s06e08 “Resurrection”
ST:DS9 s06e09 “Statistical Probablilities”
ST:DS9 s06e10 “The Magnificant Ferengi”
ST:DS9 s06e11 “Waltz”
ST:DS9 s06e12 “Who Mourns for Morn?”
ST:DS9 s06e13 “Far Beyond the Stars”
ST:DS9 s06e14 “One Little Ship”
ST:DS9 s06e15 “Honor Among Thieves”
ST:DS9 s06e16 “Change of Heart”
ST:DS9 s06e17 “Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night”
ST:DS9 s06e18 “Inquisition”
ST:DS9 s06e19 “In the Pale Moonlight”
ST:DS9 s06e20 “His Way”
ST:DS9 s06e21 “The Reckoning”
ST:DS9 s06e22 “Valiant”
ST:DS9 s06e23 “Profit and Lace”
ST:DS9 s06e24 “Time’s Orphan”
ST:DS9 s06e25 “The Sound of Her Voice”
ST:DS9 s06e26 “Tears of the Prophets”

Season 7

ST:DS9 s07e01 “Image in the Sand”
ST:DS9 s07e02 “Symbols and Shadows”
ST:DS9 s07e03 “Afterimage”
ST:DS9 s07e04 “Take Me Out to the Holosuite”
ST:DS9 s07e05 “Chrysalis”
ST:DS9 s07e06 “Treachery, Faith, and the Great River”
ST:DS9 s07e07 “One More unto the Breach”
ST:DS9 s07e08 “The Siege of AR-588”
ST:DS9 s07e09 “Covenant”
ST:DS9 s07e10 “It’s Only a Paper Moon”
ST:DS9 s07e11 “Prodigal Daughter”
ST:DS9 s07e12 “The Emperor’s New Cloak”
ST:DS9 s07e13 “Field of Fire”
ST:DS9 s07e14 “Chimera”
ST:DS9 s07e15 “Badda-Bing Badda-Bang”
ST:DS9 s07e16 “Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges”
ST:DS9 s07e17 “Penumbra”
ST:DS9 s07e18 “Til Death Do Us Part”
ST:DS9 s07e19 “Stange Bedfellows”
ST:DS9 s07e20 “The Changing Face of Evil”
ST:DS9 s07e21 “When It Rains…”
ST:DS9 s07e22 “Tacking Into the Wind”
ST:DS9 s07e23 “Extreme Measures”
ST:DS9 s07e24 “The Dogs of War”
ST:DS9 s07e25e26 “What You Leave Behind”


After the series ended, fans wanted more and writers wanted to write more.  So Star Trek: Deep Space Nine continued in novels, comics, and ebooks as well as in short story collections.  It was the first of the second generation Star Trek TV series to do so, establishing the trend.  There are several lists of this across the web; mine includes ST TNG novels that feature or include Worf as a Federation ambassador that are not usually included in other lists, but since they touch on subjects the TV series dealt with, I’ve included them in my list of relaunch works.

ST DS9 = Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
ST SNW = Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (collections of short stories)
ST TNG = Star Trek: The Next Generation
ST SCE = Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers (originally release as ebooks)
ST GKN = Star Trek: Gorkon
ST KE = Star Trek: Klingon Empire
ST ENT = Star Trek: Enterprise

ST DS9: What You Leave Behind

ST DS9: The Lives of Dax

ST DS9: N-Vector (comic)

ST SNW #7 - “Barclay Program Nine”

ST DS9: The Left Hand of Destiny I & II

ST DS9: A Stitch in Time

ST TNG: Diplomatic Implausibility

ST SNW #9 - “Living on the Edge of Existence”

ST DS9: Avatar I & II

ST SNW #8 - “Gumbo”

ST SCE 6: Cold Fusion (ebook)

ST SNW #6 - “Urgent Matter”

ST Section 31: Abyss

ST Gateways #4: Deep Space Nine - Demons of Air and Darkness

ST Gateways #7: What Lay Beyond – “Horn and Ivory”

ST SCE #10: Here There Be Monsters (ebook)

ST DS9: Mission Gamma I - Twilight

ST DS9: Divided We Fall (comic)

ST The Brave and the Bold II, Part 2: The Final Artifact

ST DS9: Mission Gamma II – This Gray Spirit

ST DS9: Mission Gamma III – Cathedral

ST GKN: A Good Day to Die

ST GKN: Honor Bound

ST DS9: Mission Gamma IV – Lesser Evil

ST DS9: Rising Son

ST DS9: Unity

ST GKN: Enemy Territory

ST DS9: Worlds of Deep Space Nine #2 – “Trill: Unjoined”

ST Tales from the Captain’s Table - “The Officers’ Club”

ST DS9: Worlds of Deep Space Nine #2  “Bajor: Fragments and Omens”

ST DS9: Worlds of Deep Space Nine #1 – “Andor: Paradigm”

ST KE: A Burning House

ST DS9: Worlds of Deep Space Nine #3 – “Ferenginar: Satisfaction Is Not Guaranteed”

ST SCE #51: Lost Time (ebook)

ST DS9: Worlds of Deep Space Nine #1 – “Cardassia: The Lotus Flower”

ST SNW #9: “Shadowed Allies”(DS9)

ST DS9: Worlds of Deep Space Nine #3 – “The Dominion: Olympus Descending”

ST TNG: Genesis Force

ST DS9: Warpath

ST DS9: Fearful Symmetry

ST DS9: The Soul Key

ST SNW #9 - “The Last Tree on Ferenginar”

ST DS9: The Never-Ending Sacrifice

ST TNG: A Time to Kill

ST TNG: A Time to Heal

ST TNG: A Time for War, a Time for Peace

Star Trek: Articles of the Federation

ST DS9: Prophecy and Change – “The Calling”

ST Destiny I: Gods of Night

ST Destiny II: Mere Mortals

ST Destiny III: Lost Souls

Star Trek: A Singular Destiny

ST Typhon Pact #1: Zero Sum Game

ST Typhon Pact #3: Rough Beasts of Empire

ST Typhon Pact #4: Paths of Disharmony

ST TNG: Indistinguishable from Magic

ST Typhon Pact #5: Plagues of Night

ST Typhon Pact #6: Raise the Dawn

ST The Fall #1: Revelation and Dust

ST The Fall #3: A Ceremony of Losses

ST DS9: Lust’s Latinum Lost (and Found)

ST DS9: The Missing

ST DS9: Sacrements of Fire

ST DS9: Ascendance

ST Section 31: Disavowed

ST DS9: Force and Motion

ST DS9: Rules of Accusation

ST DS9: The Long Mirage

ST Section 31: Control

ST DS9: Enigma Tales

ST DS9 Gamma: Original Sin

ST DS9: I, The Constable

ST ENT: The Good That Men Do

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