17 June 2017

#ge17 (for Ungagged 21)

Comments before UK General Election 2017

Hello, this is Chuck Hamilton, coming to you once again from Chattanooga, Tennessee in the US of A, also known as Neverland, Yankeeland, and the Great Satan.

Today, we’re not going on another trip down the rabbit hole.  Today, I’m simply here to tell you that a vote for Theresa May, or any Tory for that matter, is a vote for Donald Trump.  I hope the shitstorm that rolled through Europe in a golf cart the other week is enough to convince all of you, except for maybe the conscience-free sector of the 1%, that that is something of which you want no part.

I have to confess that a fair part of my reason for speaking is that being in Neverland leaves no way for me to escape Trumpster hell.  I can’t stand the idea of the election of someone who has shown herself so eager to be Little Miss Trumpette in lieu of principles, personal values, or even personal personality in pursuit of her embarrassingly naked ambition to be the elected Prime Minister of the UK. 

First, because her election would shore up and support Dodgy Don and his snowflake ego. 

Second, because it will hurt me to see what she and her co-conspirating sociopaths do to the people of the UK, especially if they get a supermajority, which, thankfully, is looking less and less likely every few hours. 

Third, hope is in short supply on this side of the pond, and seeing you, the people of the UK, stand up and say No More to those dismantling the social welfare safety net that your parents and grandparents fought for and built for themselves, for their children, for you would give me at least a vicarious breath of freedom. 

So, please, for me and for yourselves, say No More to austerity, No More to privatization of government services, No More to horrific economic inequality, No More to shifting power from the ballot box to the marketplace, No More the destruction of what was once the finest National Health Service in the world, No More to the victimization of the poor, the female, the disabled, the unstable, the young, the old, the migrant, the immigrant, the weak, the refugee, the terrified little fox run to exhaustion by gleeful psychopaths on war horses who chase their victim with vicious hounds and celebrate its terror and agony with champagne.

In my favorite scene in Disney’s 1994 adaptation of Kipling’s Jungle Book, Mowgli and his captors are going along the path through the jungle and Bagheera is watching them from a distance, his gaze discomfitting one of the greedy treasure-seekers to ask why he was looking at them like that.  Mowgli replied, “Because to him you are food.”  That is exactly what all of you in the UK are to Theresa May and the Tory Party.  Food.  Prey.  Serfs meant to provide them and their plutocratic sponsors with as much wealth and power as they can squeeze out of you at the cost of your own welfare.

This general election on 8 June, say No More.  In England, say No More by voting Labour.  In Scotland, say No More by voting  SNP.  In Wales, say No More by voting Plaid Cymru, or if there is no candidate standing, by voting Labour.  In Northern Ireland, say No More by voting Sinn Fein.

Thig ar latha.  Tiocfaidh ar la.  Bydd ein diwrnod yn dod.  Our day will come, inshallah.  Keep the faith.  May the Aught be with you.  Peace out.

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