05 August 2015

A Country Club (poem)

and on the first day
the day of the sun
man created god in his own image
in the image of man created he him
doing not what he believes
but believing what he does
not practicing what he preaches
but preaching what he practices
doing what’s convenient
so that then he can repent

and when the man came
to show man the true way
man assassinated the man
by legal decree
from a kangaroo court
then killed the truth he brought
thru legend and rumor and myth
resurrecting him from the dead
sitting him above at god’s right hand
safely out of reach

isho the galilean prophet-king
is now jesus the divine redeemer
demigod avatar to the gentile race
and the church promises
everlasting life to all
who bow to its decrees
but you first have to join the club
and pay your weekly dues
while the messiah ben david
wearing his thorny crown
looks on in despair

(Written some thirty years ago when I was pre-seminary at university in the 1980's.)

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