19 July 2015

Chattanooga? What the fuck! (poem)

What the fuck?  Chattanooga?  Here?
Terrorism.  Here.  What the fuck!
Someone’s attacked two military sites.
Here in Chattanooga.
In Chattanooga??  What the fuck!
Please don’t let it be a Muslim
Please let it be some white cracker
Pissed off over the slavers’ rag
The traitors’ flag
Because if the shooter’s white
It can’t be terrorism
According to the FBI
And the DOJ and the MSM
And terrorism here?
No!  What the fuck!
Like Dylann Roof
Walking into a civilian church
The ultimate soft target
Gunning down nine humans
Nine, the same number
As the gods of $COTU$
But he’s “not a terrorist”?
What the fuck!!
Four men dead, one to go
One down but surviving
The shooter, what the fuck
Yes, he’s Muslim
But he’s also one of us
A homeboy, he grew up here
Wrestled at one of our high schools
Got a degree at our university
Here in Chattanooga
What the fuck
Nice guy, wicked sense of humor
Wicked in a good way, mind you
Mixed martial arts too
A homeboy, one of us
What the fuck
At Clark in the Philippines
I was there for every event
When Yanks were targeted
But for that to happen here
Here in Chattanooga
Shiva trying desperately
To reach me from Tehran
Thru email, Twitter, and Skype
Because the name Chattanooga
To her means me
We talk for ten hours
Terrorism in Chattanooga
What the fuck
We ring off Skype
I sit back and break down
What the fuck
Friday leaders, citizens
Gather to mourn
Not one word
Of hatred or scorn
For our Muslim
Brothers, sisters, cousins
Absence of hatred
How can it be?
What the fuck
Saturday morning
Randall died
It was said he would live
What the fuck
Sunday Mohammad’s family
Expresses their surprise
Shame and grief
Chattanooga embraces them
As their own
Sharing their pain
What the fuck
In two weeks
From Charleston
The torch of terror
Passes to Chattanooga
What the fuck
Two words that never
Have I used
In one sentence
Now share a meaning
What the fuck

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