17 July 2015

Settlements of New Netherlands

The following are the settlements (anglicized names) of the Dutch in New Netherlands (a colonial province of Unite Netherlands existing from 1614-1667), with their location by modern name

New Amsterdam (south Manhattan, NYC)
New Harlem (north Manhattan, NYC)
Noortwyck (Greenwich Village, Manhattan, NYC)
Bloomingdale (Upper West Side, Manhattan, NYC)
Nutten Island (Governors Island, Manhattan, NYC)
Gravesend (Gravesend, Brooklyn, NYC)
Brooklyn (Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn, NYC)
New Amersfort (Flatlands, Brooklyn, NYC)
Midwout (Flatbush, Brooklyn, NYC)
New Utrecht (New Utrecht, Brooklyn, NYC)
Bushwick (Bushwick, Brooklyn, NYC)
Old Dorp (Old Town, Staten Island, NYC)
New Dorp (Newtown, Staten Island, NYC)
Vlissingen (Flushing, Queens, NYC)
Newtown (Elmhurst, Queens, NYC)
Rustdorp (Jamaica, Queens, NYC)
Bronck’s Land (Bronx, NYC)
Heemstede (Hempstead, Long Island, New York)
Beverwyck (Albany, New York)
Fort Nassau (in Albany, New York)
Fort Orange (in Albany, New York)
Schenectady (Shenectady, New York)
Wiltwyck (Kingston, New York)
Fort Goede Hoop (Hartford, Connecticut)
Fort Casimir/New Amstel (New Castle, Delaware)
Swaanendael (Lewes, Delaware)
Fort Nassau (Gloucester City, New Jersey)
Pavonia (Bergen, Jersey City, New Jersey)
Communipaw (Communipaw, Jersey City. New Jersey)
Fort Beversreede (South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)


Anonymous said...

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Chuck Hamilton said...

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