04 May 2015

A better word than "racism"

There is no such thing as “racism”.  How can there be when there is only one human race left on Earth?  The only species of Human left on Earth is Homo sapiens.  Race is a biological term from the 19th century, rarely used today, meaning subspecies.  Since H. sapiens first appeared, at least four races of that species have come, and three have gone.  The extinct races, or subspecies, are H. sapiens rhodesiensis, H. sapiens neandrathalensis, H. sapiens denisova, and H. sapiens idaltu, with H. sapiens sapiens (us, i.e. modern Humans) being the sole survivor to claim the title Human.

So, there is but one race, the Human Race, period.  (Edward James Olmos)

And if there is only one human race, there is no other human race which the one human race can look down upon, despise, persecute, belittle, abuse, fear, or hate.  In other words, what most people call racism.  Therefore, racism cannot exist.

Race was a misuse of a scientific category that bigots have been using for two centuries to give their prejudice a scientific and intellectual veneer.  In practice, however, when most people, bigoted or not, say “race”, they really mean skin color.  As if skin color makes a difference in a human’s worth.

To give an example of a related practice, the term “anti-Semitism” was coined by a German bigot against Jews to make his anti-Jewishness seem more scientific.  That, and the fact that “Semite” also includes Arabs, Samaritans, Ethiopians, Assyrians, and many ethnic groups long lost to history, is why I used “Judeophobia” instead.  In addition, Zionists have overused the term, and done so inappropriately, to push back against legitimate complaints about the State of Israel’s abuse of Palestinians, other Arabs, Ethiopians, and noncompliant Jewish ethnic groups, its own “anti-Semitism” as it were.

Since racism is impossible with only one human race, from now on I shall be using the term “complexionism” instead.  Complexionism has previously been used referring to discrimination within ethnic groups over degree of skin pigmentation, which is even sillier than discrimination between ethnic groups over skin color.

Complexionism.  Because that is what it’s all about: skin color.  Nothing more.  As silly and pathetic as discriminating against other humans over hair color.  Or eye color.  Or left-handedness.  Or ability to roll one's tongue.

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