09 March 2015

My sweet Lord Isho (poem)

Oh my Lord
My sweet Lord
Isho the Nazarene
Prophet and King
Bending down
To let us stand
On your shoulders
To see what we can be
Speaking out
For the Helpless
Who have no Voice
Stooping down
To reach out your hands
To lift up
The Despised and Rejected
Those who are Outside
Looking in at the rest
Who go on with their lives
Thankful than they
Are not like us

My sweet Lord
Neither divine Rebel
Reeking destruction
Nor sacred Defender
Of the Status Quo
The most dangerous critic
Comes from within

My sweet Lord
Followed in life by thousands
Who all deserted you
In your hour of need

My sweet Lord
They betray your memory today
As they betrayed you then
The Establishment
Has stolen you
From those of us
To whom you came
Claiming you as its own
Making you the silent icon
Of their creeping meatball culture
And their Law and Order regime

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