17 February 2015

Lies (poem)

The last time we touched
I felt a burst
Of something
From ground zero
To my outer rim
Was that you?
Was it me?
Or was it something
Outside us both
In between
The two of us
A connection gone live
With our touch?
Was it my imagination
Or was it real?
Was it the smoke
From a distant fire?
Or was it the heat
From an eternal flame?

Nothing would make me
Feel more like a god
Than for your being true
(To yourself, not me)
To bring you to me
Nor more like a worm
Than for you to stay here
Trying to be true
(To me, not yourself)

For you to be true
To yourself
There is nothing more important
For me than this
I love you was not just an echo

The only lies you ever tell me
Are the lies you tell yourself

(I must acknowledge references to the songs “Smoke From A Distant Fire”, written and sung by John Sanford and Ed Townsend, and “Eternal Flame”, written by Susanna Hoffs, Billy Steinberg, and Tom Kelly, and sung by The Bangles.)

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