11 July 2014

Hamilton County, Tennessee vs. Gaza Strip

Hamilton County is 576 square miles.

Gaza Strip is 138 square miles, smaller than the 142.3 square mile City of Chattanooga within Hamilton County.

Hamilton County has 334,000 humans.

Gaza Strip has 1.82 million humans.

Hamilton County is surrounded by mountains and freeways with occasional gridlock.

Gaza Strip is surrounded by concrete walls thrice the height of the Berlin Wall with barbed wire, machine guns, and snipers, and missile-wielding patrol boats with machine guns.

Hamilton County's weather of late has been rather unpredictable, from blistering heat with draining humidity to unseasonably cool with drenching rain. 

Gaza Strip has suffered over five hundred air strikes within the past five days with over 120 dead, mostly civilians.

Maps of Gaza Strip showing how small a space into which those 1,820,000 are crammed and imprisoned in what amounts to a concentration camp, accurately referred to as the Gaza Ghetoo, such as those here are still a bit misleading in that the Occupation Forces last year imposed a three-kilometer "buffer zone" from the concrete walls surrounding Gaza Ghetto to where it is theoretically safe from being casually shot down.  Everything between, all together 40% of the total within the surrounding ghetto-prison walls (leaving merely 82 square miles for the humans inside Gaza Ghetto to live upon, 22,200 humans per square mile), is a free-fire zone.

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Anonymous said...

When are we going to stop supporting Israel with our US tax dollars? We even paid for their "Iron Dome." What does Israel have that we need other than the influence and legal bribes transmitted through AIPAC to politicians? Of course, we support it, too, to keep the right-wing Christian nuts happy. We claim it is a democracy, which it is not; it is an odd sort of theocracy. It has always behaved in such a manner as to generate anti-Semitism among people everywhere, and that is too bad. How long will we let Israel kill innocent civilians and turn our heads? Too bad that we did not choose Birobidzhan or what is now Uganda for the Jewish homeland when the world had the opportunity to insist upon such places. Think how different the political landscape would have been in the Middle East! It is even likely that 9-11 would not have occurred.