27 March 2013

Of water and legal actions

So, the State of Georgia wants to sue the State of Tennessee over a boundary issue settled in 1802 and are threatening to tie up our state’s badly needed funds in court action.  Sounds like extortion to me, especially when their suit is so obviously doomed to failure.  But futility didn’t stop Don Quixote from tilting at windmills. 

Maybe since the aquiferously spendthrift legislators and governor of the State of Georgia are so interested in plundering the natural inheritance of the State of Tennessee they will feel obligated to restore to the Cherokee they lands from which they were ethnically cleansed in 1838.  Plus pay for 175 years of back rent of not only the former Cherokee territory within the borders of the State of Georgia but also the lands with the borders of the States of Tennessee, North Carolina, and Alabama. 

Which would be only reasonable since the State of Georgia was the main force with whip in hand to drive them out.  That would teach the state and its legislature a lesson about spending huge amounts of borrowed cash for the chimera of artificial snow fueled ski resorts in the Deep South that have turned into such a hungry black hole for both water and money.

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