02 March 2013

A Better Place To Be (poem)

The only sound I hear
Is the beat of our hearts
As we come together, you and I
Deaf and blind to the outside world
Going on in the streets
Below our window

There's a war going on outside there
And the battle's raging all around
Everyone's fighting for their sanity
Theri money, their pride, their love
We're all out after security
Survival is the name of the game

You say you want to know me
But ask yourself if you really do
If you want to love me
Take my hand
And we'll surrender ourselves to each other
And escape from this free-fire zone
Leave your defenses in no-man's land
Love is more than a DMZ*
There's no tomorrow to wait for
This is all there is
Let's make it count

I pull you close, we feel the heat
And we know there's no return
Utopia is nowhere
But we can make it happen
Anything's possible
If we try

Lost in the rapture of our passion
We lock-on to each's other's eyes
bound by the fire of mutual need
Two souls in a big world
Separate yet one
Feeling the joy of simply being
Looking into your eyes I see
A part of myself looking at you
Inside of me
I am and You are
And Life just is
And that's all it needs to be

As the world comes back now
With its cars and neon signs
We bask in the warmth of the afterglow
Lying in each other's arms
I feel your breath on my body
And the only sound I hear
Is the beat of our hearts
In the quiet and peaceful calm

(* "de-militarized zone")

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