23 February 2013

A Message from the Church of Divine Orgasm (poem)

Mandatory public fornication
Is an idea whose time has come
Forced misingenation too
Forcing folks to fuck freely
Frees fucking from fugitive fear

Ordain sex outdoors in public places
At least when the forecast is fair
Build fornicatoriums for when it's frigid
Or when the forecast is foul

Forbid furtive fucking in far-out-of-sight places
No one to be exempt from the rule
Straight, gay, and bi will all be equal
Under the eyes of the law

Compulsory nudity will be a corollary
For when, at least, folks are inside
All equal before each other and God
With nothing left to hide
Especially during religious services
Where fabric is a facade from fidelity

When sex comes out of the cultural closet
So many of our culture's ills
Will simply fade away

Men and women will no longer be fugitives
Ferreting out forbidden fruits
Forgotten will be the feigning of affection
Just to fulfill animal needs
Sex will be freed from its bondage to love
And true love from its bondage to sex

Humans will grow up unashamed
Of the natural drives they have
Women released from their pedestals
Will again be the equals of men

Plus, after a hundred years or so
Of everyone fucking everyone else
We will all be the same color

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