06 April 2012

Message from a Friend in Tehran who was out yesterday (22 Bahman 1388/11 February 2010)

(First published on Facebook 12 February 2010.)

My featured cause on my profile is "I support Iranians inside Iran". It's their show, not mine.

A few minutes ago, I received this message in my Facebook mail, which I am post as a Note, removing all info that could possibly be used to ID my friend.

"Hi there chuck! first of all I can't thank you enough for covering everything that's going on in iran. Second I have a few points about yesterday which I don't feel safe posting on the internet because we really don't know how secure our info really is these days even though we use proxies and all. I thought maybe if you agree with my points you could share them with our fellow iranians and those who so kindly support iran like yourself. 

"1- I don't think any protest, demonstration or boycott could have possibly showed the strength of the green movement quite as well as what the government did yesterday. The fact that the government felt like they needed to bring such military force to the streets shows how truly scared they are of the opposition. I have lived my entire life in iran and as you probably know basijis are always there in the streets but never had I seen so many basijis in my entire life. Even with this amount of force they weren't able to completely disperse the opposition and there were clashes and chantings. So I think it was very impressive that the government proved the strength of this movement to the world. See the "daheye fajr" is their rally point, they use it every single year but this year even the ever so popular fajr festival was completely deserted. you have no idea what people did for tickets every year but this year even the artists themselves didn't participate. I think the greatest victory was the fact that this "daheye fajr" was a nightmare to them. 

"2- For the sake of argument let's say what Fars news said is true and that 5 million people were out in tehran. See if you're a supporter of the government you obviously have nothing to be afraid of. You can come out on 22 Bahman, it's even a family affair and the kids can enjoy it too with all the balloons and cheering, etc. besides they even give you sandwiches and refreshments and this time around they would even give you chicken, meat and rice. So you should just come out and celebrate your government. So the 5 million people who came out along with let's say 1 other million in tehran who just didn't feel like coming out and then let's say a 3 million crowd in the provinces make up 9 million people, let's say 10 million. That's all the support the government has, according to themselves!!!! so 60 million still oppose them!!! 

"Besides if all they say is true then they should hold a referendum and prove that the nation supports them what are they so afraid of?! mousavi and karroubi aren't afraid of coming to the streets even though they have a "few" supporters yet the supreme leader with millions of supporters is to afraid to show his face?!!!! 

"Thanks for your time"

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