04 November 2011

The Greek Fumble

Recently Greece’s Prime Minister Papandreou outraged the financial oligarchy that determines the course of social and economic—and therefore political—life of all humans on planet Earth by submitting a drastic austerity plan to the people of his country for a vote.

Imagine that: a country’s head-of-government actually practicing democracy in a country that professes to be democratic.

That display of backbone didn’t last too long.  The day after saying that, Mr. Papandreou had a testiculectomy and caved in to the money powers-that-be, the people to whom governments and officials truly answer.

Should the people over whom he manages affairs for the gods on the financial Mt. Olympus tar, feather, and ride him out of town on a rail, well, that’s his problem.  To the financiers, he’s as expendable as any other pawn and as interchangeable as a trophy wife.

Almost as disgusting the Greek Prime Minister’s spinal deficiency were French President Sarkozy and German President Merkel in their mutual display of subservience to the point of savage defense and preventative offense that led to Papadreou’s backing down.  They divided the harvest of Papandreou’s testiculectomy between them.

Now that the two have successfully bullied their first head-of-government into submission for their economic overlords, I expect their next targets will be Spain’s Zapatero, Portugal’s Silva, and Italy’s Berlusconi.  Perhaps the two are planning to recreate the Carolingian empire, and on a more Continental scale.

A secretive, unelected elite—and its elected servants and frontpersons—ruling over Europe and making even “kings” bow to its wishes…why am I reminded of the Knights Templar?

The Templars are still around, by the way, in their historically-documented successors in Portugal (the Military Order of Christ) and Aragon (the Order of Montessa).  The successors, however, had the good sense to stay away from finance and the accompanying temptation coming with it to use that power as leverage to bully others into submission.  

Their predecessors had found it a little too hot to handle.

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