28 December 2017

Yes We Can (Hope and Change Obama-style)

Yes We Can…

…throw down thunder, lightning, and hail upon Wall Street in public then behind close doors tell them we have their backs in the face of massive public outrage over the stock market crashes beginning in late 2007 and the Great Recession (that is still ongoing) and that while it would be good if they were nicer, we will do nothing mandatory to prevent it from happening again

…keep Gitmo open for the entire eight years of the administration

…legalize indefinite detention for America citizens

…increase SIGINT surveillance of all American citizens and those of the entire world

…completely abolish independent oversight of said surveillance

…increase the body count of those assassinated by drones to five times that of the previous administration

…dither over Syria until the situation is beyond hope

… reward the finance bourgeoisie for their rape of the world’s economy

…increase Russia’s influence in Southwest Asia by abdicating our role

…not say anything for nearly a week about the worst man-made environmental disaster in the planet’s history

…do absolutely nothing about immigration reform

…deport 3.2 million persons, more than all the other presidents of the US combined

…repeal more gun control laws than any other administration, thereby putting more firearms in the hands of people willing to use them on other humans

…target American citizens for assassination

…prosecute and persecute more whistleblowers than any previous administration

…obstruct investigation and prosecution of war crimes by members of the previous administration and their subordinates

…ignore war crimes and human rights violations by American military and civilian personnel during our watch that should be prosecuted

…continue kidnapping people and holding them away from human rights monitors in violation of the Constitution, the UN Declaration on Human Rights, and several treaties

…continue to sanction torture as US policy

…loan at zero interest $7.7 TRILLION to the same American and foreign financial institutions which brought on the Great Recession while withholding funds from struggling American families going bankrupt, defaulting on loans, and having their mortgages foreclosed.

…end net neutrality and destroy the Internet as we know it

…assassinate more people with drones than ever before.

…sign into law a provision allowing for indefinite detention of American citizens without warrant or charge

…repeal the law forbidding the administration and the federal government from propagandizing American citizens with deliberately false information.

…authorize over $1 trillion to upgrade and expand our nuclear arsenal

…sign into law a bill allowing for the propagandizing of American citizens by U.S.G. intelligence agencies

…create what is in effect a Department of Truth

…continue to ignore gross police brutality and murder, especially of Afro-Americans

…restart the Cold War

…pass the Monsanto Protection Act

…engage in war every single day of the administration, spreading to a total of seven countries

…increase the number of bombs dropped on those seven countries every year until surpassing 26,000 for 2016

…state that American exceptionalism is official policy of the US government

…give away $38 billion to the most ethnocratic, sectarian, genocidal state in the world today

…vindictively seek retribution for the loss of our chosen heir through her fault, through her own fault, through her own most grievious fault, by sanctioning Russia based on tabloid-level “evidence”

…push the TPP (Trans Pacific Pact), the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), and the TISA (Trade In Services Agreement), despite how badly the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) negotiated by Bush I and signed by Bill Clinton have hurt manufacturing and workers in this country

…do nothing for Afro-Americans but instead throw up roadblocks to groups such as Black Lives Matter, and always take the side of law enforcement in shooting cases

…leave office with the strongest, and most regressive and reactionary Republican Party since the Roaring ‘20s, in control of the presidency, both houses of Congress, and the overwhelming majority of state legislatures

…pull down $400,000 for each speech to the same lords of Wall Street whom we never held accountable for the massive damage they did to the American and world economies after we leave office.

…et cetera.

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