07 December 2015

Cosmic narcissistic hubris defined

On Planet Earth, a 1.12 trillion (12 zeroes) cubic kilometer ball with a sapient population of 7.3 billion (9 zeroes), in a galaxy 8 sedecillion (51 zeroes) cubic kilometers with 8-10 billion inhabited planets with a sapient population of 61.6 quintillion (18 zeroes), a Universe that is 213 duovigintillion (69 zeroes) cubic kilometers with a sapient population of 30.8 nonillion (30 zeroes), Jews believe that Yahuweh speaks Hebrew, Muslims that Allah speaks Arabic, American evangelical Christians that Almighty God speaks Elizabethan English, Roman Catholics that Dominus Dei speaks Latin, Eastern Orthodox that Kyrios speaks Greek, Hindus that Brahman speaks Sanskrit, Iranians that Khoda speaks Farsi, Zoroastrians that Ahura Mazda speaks Avestan, Buddhists that the Heavenly Buddha speaks Pali, Shintoists that Amaterasu speaks Japanese, and religious Daoists that Tai Di speaks Mandarin Chinese.  Each of these groups and the subgroups and splinters and cults and sects within them, believes they are the Chosen People from which will come the Anointed One to assert their rightful dominion over all Creation for all Time.  That belief is absurd.

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