02 June 2015

Prohibition bootleggers

Little Augies
(precursor to Murder Inc.)

Jacob Organ
Lepke Buchalter
Gurrah Shapiro
Legs Diamond

Annenberg’s newspaper sluggers
(farm team for what became the O’Banion Gang of Chicago’s North Side)

Moses Annenberg
Maxie Annenberg
Dion O’Banion
Hymie Weiss
Bugs Moran
Frank McErlane
Mossy Enright
James Ragen
Walter Stevens
Tommy Maloy

Annenberg’s crew began working for the Chicago Tribune, then switched to Hearst’s publications.  In 1922, Moses borrowed money from Johnny Torrio to buy the Daily Racing Form, the profits from which he later bought his other publications, including the Philadelphia Inquirer.  His biggest venture, though, was the Nationwide News Service, which provided results from racetracks across the country.

The Irish Combine
(Irish Mob as bootleggers)

Big Bill Dwyer, Hell’s Kitchen
Owney Madden, Hell’s Kitchen
Danny Walsh, Providence
Joseph Kennedy, Boston
Larry Fay, Long Island
Daniel O’Leary, Philadelphia

The Combination
(Charlie Lucky’s name for his close partners)

Charlie Luciano
Frank Costello
Meyer Lansky
Benny Siegel
Joe Adonis

Seven Group, 1927
(national meeting of bootleggers to establish a syndicate)

Arnold Rothstein, New York (charter member)
Johnny Torrio, New York (charter member)
Charlie Luciano, New York (charter member)
Joe Adonis, New York (charter member)
Meyer Lansky, New York (charter member)
Benny Siegel, New York (charter member)
Nucky Johnson, Atlantic City (charter member)
Longy Zwillman, Newark (charter member)
Willie Moretti, Newark (charter member)
Waxey Gordon, Philadelphia (charter member)
Nig Rosen, Philadelphia (charter member)
Danny Walsh, Providence (charter member)
Charles Solomon, Boston (charter member)
Frank Costello, New York
Owney Madden, New York (thru Costello)
Dutch Schultz, New York
Al Capone, Chicago
Max Hoff, Philadelphia
Sam Lazar, Philadelphia
Charles Schwartz, Philadelphia
Moe Dalitz, Cleveland
Lou Rothkopf, Cleveland
Morris Kleinman, Cleveland
Sam Tucker, Cleveland
Abe Bernstein, Detroit
Bill Bernstein, Detroit
Charlie Wall, Tampa
Joe Kennedy, Boston
Cy Nathanson, Atlantic City

Cleveland Conference, 1928
(regional meeting of Mafiosi below boss level)

Joe Porello, Cleveland
Sam Tilocco, Cleveland
Philip Bacino, Cleveland
Vince Mangano, Brooklyn
Joe Profaci, Brooklyn
Joe Maglicocco, Brooklyn
Pasqualino Lolordo, Chicago

Manhattan Beer Wars, 1928
(split the Irish Combine in New York)

Dutch Schultz
Owney Madden
Waxey Gordon
Vannie Higgins
Vincent Coll
Jack Diamond
Anthony Carfano

Atlantic City Conference, 1929
(built on the work of the Seven Group)

Johnny Torrio, New York
Frank Zagarino, New York (Torrio’s chief assistant)
Charlie Luciano, Manhattan (Masseria)
Frank Costello, Manhattan (Masseria)
Joe Adonis, Brooklyn (Masseria)
Vito Genovese, Manhattan (Masseria)
Albert Anastasia, Brooklyn (D’Aquila)
Frank Scalise, Brooklyn (D’Aquila)
Vincent Mangano, Brooklyn (D’Aquila)
Tommy Gagliano, Bronx (Reina)
Tommy Lucchese, Bronx (Reina)
Carlo Gambino, Bronx (Reina)
Willie Moretti, Newark (Masseria)
Meyer Lansky, Lower East Side (Bugs and Meyer Mob)
Benny Siegel, Lower East Side (Bugs and Meyer Mob)
Lepke Buchalter, Garment District
Gurrah Shapiro, Garment District
Longy Zwillman (Newark)
Dutch Schultz (Bronx)
Owney Madden, Hell’s Kitchen (Irish Combine)
Frank Erickson, Manhattan
Al Capone, Chicago
Frank Nitti, Chicago
Jake Guzik, Chicago
Frank Rio, Chicago
Tony Accardo, Chicago
Frank McErlane, Chicago
Moses Annenberg, Chicago
Waxey Gordon, Philadelphia
Nig Rosen, Philadelphia
Max Hoff, Philadelphia
Bitsy Bitz, Philadelphia
Charles Schwartz, Philadelphia
Sam Lazar, Philadelphia
Moe Dalitz, Cleveland (Little Jewish Navy)
Lou Rothkopf, Cleveland (Little Jewish Navy)
Charles Polizzi, Cleveland (Mayfield Road Mob)
Abe Bernstein, Detroit (Purple Gang)
Bill Bernstein, Detroit (Purple Gang)
Charles Solomon, Boston
Frank Cucchiara, Boston (Buccola)
Danny Walsh, Providence
Frank Morelli, Providence
John Lazia, St. Louis (Pendergast Machine) and Kansas City (Balestrere Gang)
Santo Trafficante, Tampa
Sam Coralla, New Orleans

Congress Hotel (Chicago) Conference, 1931
(reorganization of Cosa Nostra nationally)

Al Capone, host
Charlie Luciano, president
Italian bosses from around the country
Meyer Lansky
Benny Siegel
Moe Dalitz
Nig Rosen
Dutch Schultz
Abe Reles

Franconia Hotel Conference, 1931
(counterpart meeting of the Jewish Syndicate)

Meyer Lansky
Benny Siegel
Lepke Buchalter
Gurrah Shapiro
Doc Stacher
Hyman Holtz
Louis Kravitz
Harry Tietlebaum
Philip Kovolick
Harry Greenberg
Moe Dalitz

Halifax Conference, 1932
(follow-up to Chicago with Canadian families of Cosa Nostra)
Havana Conference, 1946
(a number of issues, including Siegel and his Flamingo Hotel debacle)

Charlie Luciano, Boss of Bosses
Meyer Lansky, head of the Jewish Syndicate

Frank Costello, Luciano Family, boss
Willie Moretti, Luciano Family, underboss
Vito Genovese, Luciano Family, capo
Joe Adonis, Luciano Family, capo
Anthony Carfano, Luciano Family, capo
Mike Miranda, Luciano Family, capo
Albert Anastasia, Mangano Family, underboss
Joe Bonanno, Bonanno Family, boss
Tommy Lucchese, Gagliano Family, underboss
Joe Profaci, Profaci Family, boss
Joe Magliocco, Profaci Family, underboss
Tony Accardo, Chicago, front boss
Charlie Fischetti, Chicago, consigliere
Sam Giancana, Chicago, chief capo
Steve Magaddino, Buffalo, boss
Carlos Marcello, New Orleans, boss
Santo Trafficante, Jr., Tampa, capo

Longy Zwillman, Newark, boss
Moe Dalitz, Cleveland, boss
Doc Stacher, Newark, boss
Phil Kastel, New Orleans, boss

Other major bootlegging figures
(most of whom did not survive Prohibition)

Vannie O’Higgins, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
Legs Diamond, Lower East Side, Manhattan
George Shevlin, Manhattan (gave Bill Dwyer his start)
Larry Fay, Manhattan (gave Owney Madden his start)
Vincent Coll, Bronx
Tom Pendergast, St. Louis
Mickey Duffy, South Jersey and Philadelphia
Daniel O’Leary, Philadelphia
Dion O’Banion, North Side, Chicago
George Remus, Cincinnati
Frank Wallace, Boston
George Moran, North Side, Chicago
Walter O’Donnell, West Side, Chicago
Myles O’Donnell, West Side, Chicago
William O’Donnell, West Side, Chicago
Bernard O’Donnell, West Side, Chicago
Sam Genna, Little Italy, Chicago
Jim Genna, Little Italy, Chicago
Pete Genna, Little Italy, Chicago
Angelo Genna, Little Italy, Chicago
Tony Genna, Little Italy, Chicago
Mike Genna, Little Italy, Chicago
Terry Druggan, West Side, Chicago
Frankie Lake, West Side, Chicago
Joe Saltis, Southwest Side, Chicago
Frank McErlane, Southwest Side, Chicago
Edward O’Donnell, Far South Side, Chicago
Steve O’Donnell, Far South Side, Chicago
Walter O’Donnell, Far South Side, Chicago
Tommy O’Donnell, Far South Side, Chicago
Ralph Sheldon, West Side, Chicago
Roger Touhy, Northwest Side, Chicago
William Lanzetti, South Philadelphia
Pius Lanzetti, South Philadelphia
Ignatius Lanzetti, South Philadelphia
Lucien Lanzetti, South Philadelphia
Teo Lanzetti, South Philadelphia
Leo Lanzetti, South Philadelphia
Mike Merlo, Little Sicily, Chicago
Joe Aiello, Little Sicily, Chicago

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