02 June 2015

Mafia families in North America

NOTE: There have been a few changes to the information on the New Orleans Mob and on the Orlando (Bonanno) Family.

The following is a list of Mafia families and organizations from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present, with a list of their successive bosses.  For some, there is no information after a certain date, but neither is there any information that the family is defunct; where the latter is available, it is so noted.

Capo di tutti capi

His authority was largely confined to New York City, and the elimination of the position was one of the major reforms after the Mustache Petes were overthrown in 1931.

Giuseppe Morello, 1898-1910
Sebastiano DiGaetano, 1910-1912
Salvatore D’Aquila, 1910-1928
Joe Masseria, 1928-1930
Gaspare Messina, 1930-1931
Salvatore Maranzano, 1931

Chairman of the National Commission

The National Commission replaced the capo di tutti capi in 1931, and has always had representative from the Five Families and the Chicago Outfit.  In the first decade, two-thirds of the Combination were Jewish mobsters, contrary to popular conception.  After Charlie Lucky was expelled from Cuba to Italy, Meyer Lansky was top man, though not of the Mafia.

Charlie Luciano, 1931-1946
Vincent Mangano, 1946-1951
Frank Costello, 1951-1957
Vito Genovese, 1957-1959
Joe Bonanno, 1959-1962
Carlo Gambino, 1962-1976
Paul Castellano, 1976-1985
John Gotti, 1985-1992
Vincent Gigante, 1992-1997
Joe Massino, 1997-2003

At its largest, the Commission sat the Five Families, the Chicago Outfit, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Los Angeles.

There were six members at last count:  Genovese, Gambino, Lucchese, Colombo, Bonanno, and the Chicago Outfit.

The Genovese family represents Buffalo, Philadelphia, Elizabeth, Detroit, New England, Pittsburg, Cleveland, and New Orleans.  Sometimes Chicago also.

The Chicago Outfit represents Milwaukee, Kansas City, St. Louis, Tampa, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Jose.

In practice, at least until the early fifties, the Italian-Jewish partnerships that began during Prohibition were managed at the national level by Charlie Lucky or his representative (Costello until 1957) and Meyer Lansky, plus two others of each ethnic group, for a total of six.  For the first two decades, Jewish mobsters outnumbered Italian mobster two to one.

The Commission has been all but defunct since 2003.

Murder Inc.

The infamous murder and mayhem crew dubbed Murder Inc. by imaginative news editors was based largely on the garment district enforcement crew run by Buchalter and Shapiro.  Under the direct administration of Reles and Maoine, the crew reported to the Commission at various times through Adonis, Siegel, Buchalter, Anastasia, and Shapiro.

Joe Adonis
Benny Siegel
Lepke Buchalter
Albert Anastasia
Gurrah Shapiro
Abe Reles
Harry Maoine

New Orleans Mob

The New Orleans Mob began with the Agnello/Provenzano Family in 1860 from Palermo.  In 1875, a group of Stuppagghieri (Mafia rebels, precursors of Luciano's Young Turks, against the conservative Giardiniari, precursors to the Luciano-era Mustache Petes) arrived from Monreale.  Esposito threw in with the new arrivals, but Provenzano's rise put the Palermo faction back on top.  At his death, that faction faded and the Matranga/Marcello Family assumed full control.

Raffaele Agnello, 1860-1869
Joseph Agnello, 1869-1872
Mateo Minafo, 1872 (died of natural causes)
Joseph P. Macheca, 1872-1879
Giuseppe Esposito, 1879-1881
Joseph Provenzano, 1881-1891
Charles Matranga, 1891-1922
Corrado Giacona, 1922-1944
Frank Todaro, 1944
Sylvestro "Sam" Corallo, 1944-1947
Carlos Marcello, 1947-1990
Anthony  Carollo, 1990-2007
Joseph Gagliano, 2007-present

Tampa Mob

Ignacio Antinorio, 1920-1940
Santo Trafficante, Sr., 1940-1954
Santo Trafficante, Jr., 1954-1987
Vincent Losalzo,1987-present

Dallas Mob

Carlo Piranio, 1921-1930
Joseph Piranio, 1930-1956
Joseph Civello, 1956-1970
Joseph Ianni, 1970-1973
Joseph Campisi, 1973-1990

Birmingham (AL) Mob
(defunct since 1938?)

Sam Forello
Vincent Musso
Jacky Musso

Morello (Genovese) Family
(107th Street Mob; East Harlem and Little Italy)

Giuseppe Morello, 1898-1910
Nicholas Morello, 1910-1916
Vincenzo Terranova, 1916-1920
Giuseppe Morello, 1920-1922
Joe Masseria, 1922-1931
Charlie Luciano, 1931-1946
Frank Costello, 1946-1957
Vito Genovese, 1957-1969
Phil Lombardo, 1969-1981
Vincent Gigante, 1981-2005
Daniel Leo, 2005-present

Orlando (Bonanno) Family
(Williamburg, Brooklyn)

Paolo Orlando, ????-1909
Sebastiano DiGaetano, 1909-1912
Vito Bonventre, 1912-1915
Steve Maggadino, 1915-1921
Nicola Shiro, 1921-1930
Joe Parrino, 1930
Salvatore Maranzano, 1930-1931
Joe Bonanno, 1931-1965
Gaspar DiGregorio, 1965-1968
Paul Sciacca, 1968-1971
Natale Evola, 1971-1973
Phil Rastelli, 1973-1991
Joe Massino, 1991-2004
Vincent Basciano, 2004-2009
Vincent Badalamenti, 2010-2012
Michael Mancuso, 2013-present

D’Aquila (Gambino) Family

Salvatore D’Aquila, 1910-1928
Alfred Mineo, 1928-1930
Frank Scalise, 1930-1931
Vincent Mangano, 1931-1951
Albert Anastasia, 1951-1957
Carlo Gambino, 1957-1976
Paul Castellano, 1976-1985
John Gotti, 1985-2002
Peter Gotti, 2002-2011
Domenico Cefalu, 2011-present

Yale Organization

Not a family, but still autonomous under Yale, largely because of his charisma and ruthlessness.  He should have known better than to rip off Big Al.  The crew remained intact under Carfano under Masseria, then Luciano, until Costello sent him to oversee interests in Florida.

Frankie Yale, 1917-1928
Anthony Carfano, 1928-1938 (as capo to Masseria then Luciano)

Profaci (Colombo) Family

Joe Profaci, 1928-1962
Joseph Magliocco, 1962-1963
Joe Colombo, 1964-1973
Carmine Persico, 1973-present

Note: Persico has been in prison since 1973 but remains the recognized boss, governing thru a series of acting bosses on the outside.

Reina (Lucchese) Family
(The Bronx)

Gaetano Reina, 1922-1930
Joseph Pinzolo, 1930
Tommy Gagliano, 1930-1951
Tommy Lucchese, 1951-1967
Carmine Tramunti, 1967-1974
Anthony Corallo, 1974-1987
Victor Amuso, 1987-present

Philly Mob

Salvatore Sabella, 1911-1931
John Avena, 1931-1936
Joseph Dovi, 1936-1946
Joseph Ida, 1946-1959
Angelo Bruno, 1959-1980
Phil Testa, 1980-1981
Nicky Scarfo, 1981-1991
John Stanfa, 1991-1994
Joey Merlino, 1994-2012
Joe Ligambi, 2012-present

Buffalo Arm

Angelo Palmeri, 1908-1912
Giuseppe DiCarlo, Sr., 1912-1922
Steve Magaddino, 1922-1974
Sam Frangiamore, 1974-1985
Joseph Todaro, Sr., 1985-2006
Leonard Falzone, 2006-present

Pittsburgh Mob

Gregorio Conti, 1910-1920
Salvatore Calderone,1920-1925
Stefano Monastero, 1925-1929
Giuseppe Siragusa, 1929-1931
John Bazzano, 1931-1932
Vincenzo Capizi, 1932-1937
Frank Amato, 1932-1956
John LaRocca, 1956-1984
Michael James Genovese, 1984-2006
John Bazzano, Jr., 2006-2008
Sonny Ciancutti, 2008-present

New England Office
(Providence and Boston merged in 1932)

Gaspare Messina, Boston, 1916-1924
Filippo Buccola, Boston, 1924-1932
Frank Morelli, Providence, 1917-1932
Filippo Buccola, 1932-1952
Raymond Patriarcha, Sr., 1952-1984
Raymond Patriarcha, Jr., 1984-1991
Nicky Bianco, 1991
Frank Salemme, 1991-1996
Luigi Manocchio, 1996-2009
Peter Limone, 2009-present

Newark Mob

Newark was too close to New York City to stay independent very long.

Gaspare D'Amico, 1920-1937

Elizabeth (NJ) Mob

Steve Badami, 1920-1955
Phil Amari, 1955-1957
Nick Delmore, 1957-1964
Sam DeCavalcante, 1964-1982
John Riggi, 1982-present

Rochester Mob

Stan Valenti, 1951-1958
Jake Russo, 1958-1964
Frank Valenti, 1964-1972
Sam Russotti, 1972-1993

Pittston Mob

Tommaso Petto, 1900-1903
Stefano LaTorre, 1903-1908
Santo Volpe, 1908-1933
John Sciandra, 1933-1940
Joe Barbara, 1940-1959
Russell Bufalino, 1959-1975
Edward Sciandra, 1975-1994
William D’Elia, 1994-2008

Chicago Outfit

Unlike most families in the Combination, the Outfit was not originally part of but rather an enemy of the local Mafia family.  Though the boss had always been Italian, its ranks have also always been multi-ethnic, including at the highest echelons.

Jim Colosimo, 1910-1920
Johnny Torrio, 1920-1925
Al Capone, 1925-1931
Paul Ricca, 1931-1966
Tony Accardo, 1966-1992
Samuel Carlisi, 1992-1996
John DiFronzo, 1996-present

Chicago Mafia
(defunct since 1930)

They could have formed part of the Outfit, or at least been its ally, but leaders of the Chicago family of the Mafia always wanted to be boss.  And they lost.

Joseph Morici ????-????
Mariano Zagone, ????-1909
Rosario Dispenza, 1909-1914
Anthony D’Andrea, 1914-1921
Mike Merlo, 1921-1924
Angelo Genna, 1924-1925
Samoots Amatuna, 1925
Tony Lombardo, 1925-1928
Patsy Lolordo, 1928-1929
Joe Guinta, 1929
Joe Aiello, 1929-1930

Rockford Mob

Tony Musso, 1931-1957
Joseph Zammito, 1957-1973
Frank Buscemi, 1973-1987
Frank Saladino, 1987-2005

Detroit Partnership

Vito Adamo, 1908-1913
Anthony Gianolla, 1913-1919
Salvatore Gianolla, 1919
Giovanni Vitale. 1919-1921
Sam Catalanotte, 1921-1930
Gaspar Milazzo, 1930
Cesare Lemare, 1930-1931
Bill Tocco, 1931-1936
Joe Zerilli, 1936-1977
John Priziola, 1977-1979
Jack Tocco, 1979-2014
Jack Giacalone, 2014-present

Cleveland Mob

Joe Lonardo, 1920-1927
Joe Porello, 1927-1930
Vincenzo Porello, 1930
Frank Milano, 1930-1935
Al Polizzi, 1935-1945
John Scalish, 1945-1976
Jack Licavoli, 1976-1985
John Tronolone, 1985-1991
Tony Libertore, 1991-1993
Joe Iacobacci, 1993-2005
R.J. Pappalardo, 2005-present

Milwaukee Mob

Vito Guardalabene, 1918-1921
Peter Guardalabene, 1921-1924
Joseph Amato, 1924-1927
Joseph Vallone, 1927-1949
Sam Ferrara, 1949-1952
John Alioto, 1952-1961
Frank Balistrieri, 1961-1993
Pete Balistrieri, 1993-1997
Joe Caminiti, 1997-2014
Peter Picciurro, 2014-present

Des Moines Mob

Charles Gioe, 1936-1939
Louis Fratto, 1939-1967

Madison Mob

Carlo Caputo, 1940-1993

Kansas City Mob

Joseph DiGiovanni, 1912-1931
John Lazia, 1931-1934
Charlie Carrollo, 1934-1939
Charles Binaggio, 1939-1950
Anthony Gizzo, 1950-1953
Nick Civella, 1953-1983
Carl Civella, 1983-1984
William Cammisano, 1984-1995
Tony Civella, 1995-2006
John Sciortino, 2006-present

St. Louis Mob

Dominick Giambrone, 1912-1923
Vito Giannola, 1923-1927
Frank Agrusa, 1927-1937
 Thomas Buffa, 1937-1943
Pasquale Micel, 1943-1950
Vincent Chiapetta, 1950
Tony Lopiparo, 1950-1960
Tony Giordano, 1960-1980
John Vitale, 1980-1982
Mike Trupiano, Jr., 1982-1997
Anthony Parrino, 1997-present

Omaha Mob

Frank Calamia, 1931-1951
Anthony Marcella, 1951-1959
Anthony Biase, 1959-1991

Los Angeles Mob

Vito DiGiorgio, 1909-1922
Rosario DeSimone, 1922-1925
Joseph Ardizzone, 1925-1931
Jack Dragna, 1931-1956
Frank DeSimone, 1956-1967
Nick Licata, 1967-1974
Jimmy Brooklier, 1974-1984
Pete Milano, 1984-2012
Tommy Gambino, 2012-present

San Francisco Mob

Frank Lanza, 1932-1937
Tony Lima, 1937-1953
Michael Abati, 1953-1961
Joseph Lanza, 1961-1989
James Lanza, 1989-2006
Frank Velotta, 2006-present

San Jose Mob

Onofrio Sciortino, 1942-1959
Joseph Cerrito, 1959-1978
Angelo Marino, 1978-1983
Emmanuel J. Figlia, 1983-1998
Salvatore Marino, 1998-present

Denver Mob

Joe Roma, 1923-1933
Clyde Smaldone, 1933-1950
Vincenzo Colletti, 1950-1969
Joseph Spinuzzi, 1969-1975
Eugene Smaldone, 1975-1992
Clarence Smaldone, 1992-2006

Seattle Mob

Darius LaManzella, 1942-1964
Tommaso DeLeo, 1964-1982
Carlos LaManzella, 1982-1998
Vincent LaManzella, 1998-1999
Othello Testa, 1999-2006
Salvatore Orena, 2006-present

(no lists of bosses, just families)

Rizzuto Family, Montreal
Cotroni Family, Montreal
Papalia Family, Toronto
Volpe Family, Toronto
Siderno Group, Toronto
Musitano Family, Hamilton
Luppino Family, Hamilton

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