02 June 2015

Irish Mob in Manhattan

The Irish Mob in New York City has been based out of the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood since the Irish in the city began centering there after moving out of Five Points to make way for the Italians and Jews.  Most of the street gangs in Manhattan, and some in other boroughs, merged as the Gopher Gang around 1890, partially as a counterweight to the newcomers, partly to gain independence from the political bosses.  From Spillane’s accession through the arrest of Radonjich, they were known as the Westies, and had a reputation for extreme violence.

The following are lists of the leaders of both organizations in order of succession.

Gopher Gang
(organized in 1890 from Irish street gangs)

Marty Brennan
Owney Madden (went to prison until 1923)
One-Lung Curran
Happy Jack Mulraney

Irish Mob
(based out of Hell’s Kitchen)

Like most of the organizations of the National Combination, the Irish Mob started during Prohibition, building upon the remnants of the former Gopher Gang, plus new blood

1919-1920 – George Shevlin
1920–1925 – Bill Dwyer
1925-1934 — Owney Madden
1934–1949 — Eddie McGrath
1949-1959 – Hughie Mulligan
1959–1973 — Mickey Spillane (Westies)
1973–1986 — James Coonan (Westies)
1986–1988 — Kevin Kelly  (Westies)
1988–1999 — Bosko Radonjich (Westies)
1999-2012 – John Bokun
2012-present – Little Jackie Coonan

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