24 June 2011

"People in Iran want regime change, not reforms"

English translation:

VOA Interviews Hossein from Tehran

They keep saying that each “Iranian is a leader”, and at the same time, they are oblivious to the slogans that people are chanting in the streets. In fact, they want to control the presence of the people in the streets. They also want to control their slogans. Regrettably, they view people as tools they can use to put pressure on the regime to advance their reform agenda; reform as they see fit.

I have attended many demonstrations and I can tell you that the people in the streets are much more radical than even people like me who is a reformist! These are the people who are at the front lines and who free the arrested from the grips of the security agents.

Mir-Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi have been arrested. But, until you know who these people are and what they want, it is discouraging to head to the streets, get beaten by batons, endure the pain of tear gas, and hear the worst curse words directed at you and your family, then have someone else come and misrepresent your slogans. It is upsetting to see that someone else comes and issues statements on behalf of his/her party and on behalf of [the Iranian people], stating that this is how the Green movement thinks. I am referring to the statement issued on the night of February 14th.

These [actions] make people nervous. When you pay the price and they issue statements on your behalf…statements that you don’t even believe in…All I am saying is that a political party can express its own opinions, that is not an issue; even if the party says that it believes in the Supreme Leadership. It is an opinion. This is not a problem. But if a party emerges that says the Green Movement thinks this way or that way, then no. I personally believe that, like many of my friends, reformist parties are the minority. Mr. Mohajerani said some things in the past few days. In no way do we agree with him.

(Source: http://persian2english.com/?p=20724)

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